66 meters long arm straight into the sky, the world's tallest long-arm pump truck to sink

Looking up, the huge red boom of the 66-meter long-arm pump truck stretched out and went straight into the sky, like writing a striking red Arabic number "1" at high altitude - on the afternoon of October 24, in Yuhong New City, Shenyang. At the scene of the China Petroleum Ji Li Commercial Street project, the reporter witnessed the work of this giant to continuously send concrete to the high-rise construction site. According to the on-site construction personnel, as long as the building does not exceed 20 floors, the big guy can send the concrete with only one long arm, and it can reach 200 cubic meters per hour.

This is the 66-meter long-arm pump truck that marks the highest level in the world's construction machinery industry. It is completely developed by Sany Heavy Industry. On October 8, the report of the 66-meter boom pump truck submitted by Hunan Sany Group for the Guinness World Record for the longest boom was certified by the Guinness Headquarters.

According to reports, this giant who has won the Guinness laurel will travel to ten cities across the country and travel to the United States, Germany, Spain and other countries.

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