Tongyu sewing machine five new products successfully developed

After more than one year of hard work, Tongyu Sewing Machine independently developed TY-VC008 multi-needle ring sewing machine, TV-850 high-speed zigzag stitch, TY20U53-D electronic zigzag line, TY-9280 three-pin arm type ring sewing machine, TY- 2502 (with cutter) carpet edging machine and other five new products have been successfully developed, and successfully passed the quality inspection of the National Sewing Machine Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. All performance indicators meet the requirements of industry standards and reach the international leading level. .

After more than 20 years of hard work, Tongyu adheres to the unshakable technological innovation, which has transformed the enterprise from an extensive manufacturing enterprise to a large-scale intensive technology-based enterprise group. From counterfeiting and manufacturing to innovation and creation, the company has continuously improved its core competitiveness. It has become a national quality management advanced enterprise, a torch planning enterprise, a high-tech enterprise, etc. The 5550 high-speed sewing machine series developed by the company in 1991 was listed as the first high-speed industrial sewing machine technology new product in Zhejiang Province, becoming the first capable manufacturing. The private enterprise of high-speed sewing machine established a provincial-level high-tech R&D center in 2003. At the same time, it cooperated with Hong Kong Zhijia Technology Group to set up a research and development organization to conduct research on computer servo control system matched with the company's new sewing machine. Cooperation, set up a sewing machine R&D institution in Japan, hired sewing machine research experts to join, set up a Japanese expert group, lead and guide research and development results, absorb international advanced technology, focus on the development of the world's leading technology sewing machine, and adopt the international leading provided by the British side. Technology and patents, and on The sea cooperated with the Internal Combustion Engine Research Institute to buy out a small internal combustion engine research laboratory, focusing on the development of environmentally friendly garden machinery and new internal combustion engines.

In the past few years, the company has undertaken a number of national Torch Program projects, successfully developed and produced computer high-speed sewing machine, super high-speed overlock sewing machine, super high-speed stretch sewing machine, high-lifting thick material machine, upper and lower composite feeder, high-speed double needle machine New product development and new technology research projects such as zigzag sewing machines. Tongyu Mechatronics TY-B211 computer controlled sewing machine is collected by the Royal Sewing Machine Museum. This is the only Chinese-made sewing machine that has been collected by the museum. Tongyu Sewing Machine is permanently loaded into the history of international sewing machines with its resounding brand. . After Tongyu's sewing machine entered the UK, the costumes of the British royal family and political celebrities, and the costumes of the movie "Harrybert" were produced by Tongyu sewing machine. The famous British brand BURBERLY and Italian Armani also used Tongyu sewing machine. The Tongyu brand sewing machine is also one of the British government's aid to Iraq after the war. In 2006, the company established a production, learning and research base with Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and established a mechatronics research institute to enhance the company's new development momentum and research and development capabilities of high-end technology products.

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