China's first 800 kV gas insulated metal-enclosed switchgear

On November 1, the first set of 800 kV gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgear (GIS) shipped by China was held in Pingdingshan City, Henan Province. The equipment successfully developed by Pinggao Electric Co., Ltd. is full of expectations and trusts of people in the industry and abroad for the revitalization of national industry, and proceeds to the destination, Qinghai Guanting Substation.
The 800 kV GIS project is a key project to implement the 11th Five-Year Plan of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council's opinions on accelerating the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry. It is also the first batch of support projects for major science and technology projects in Henan Province.
In 2006, with the support of the National Development and Reform Commission, China Machine Tool Association, Henan Provincial Science and Technology Department and Other departments, under the strategic deployment of the State Grid Corporation to develop UHV grids, after full market research and technical demonstration, Pinggao won the bid for Guanting Station. 800 kV GIS and 800 kV isolating switchgear, of which 800 kV GIS contains two intervals of two intervals and three phases of Guanting Substation Phase II project.
According to reports, the equipment is a high-tech product independently designed and manufactured by Pinggao Electric. It has completely independent intellectual property rights and is the first product in China to complete all type tests at Xi'an High Voltage Switch Research Institute and pass national-level technical appraisal. The arc-extinguishing chamber adopts double-break design and consists of two 550 kV single-break interrupter series connected in series. It is equipped with high-power CYT hydraulic operating mechanism, and its performance has reached the domestic leading level and international advanced level.
Han Hailin, chairman of Pinggao Electric, recalled that the 800 kV GIS technology is of high level and complex manufacturing, and Pinggao faces enormous challenges.
In order to ensure the success of a test, the company set up a project leading group and set up various professional project teams. After more than one year of hard work, the project was successfully completed. At the same time, the 800 kV GIS product production plant and tooling equipment were transformed to improve the production capacity of Pinggao. In the production process, according to the delivery date of the product, strictly control the quality of material procurement and special requirements, conduct on-site audit and supervision of the suppliers of important materials, strictly control the product manufacturing process, pay attention to control the cleanliness and dust reduction, and ensure product quality; Production employees work overtime, carefully organized, and technical and technical personnel carefully carry out technical services to successfully complete the assembly and production of products.
At the same time, Pinggao planned and supervised the packaging and transportation, put forward detailed control requirements for on-site installation, and trained the on-site assembly personnel to ensure the successful operation of the products.
After 11 months of hard work, the first supply of 3-phase circuit breakers, 12-phase isolating switches, 9-phase current transformers and related supporting busbars were shipped on schedule on November 1.
It is understood that Pinggao will be assembled in accordance with the requirements of the State Grid Corporation and the on-site installation schedule to ensure that the supply of Guanting will be completed by the end of December this year.

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