Zhongshan City, Agile Zhangjiabian Commercial and Residential Community Construction Project

Name of Project: Construction Project of Yajiale Commercial and Residential Community in Yajule, Zhongshan City Area of ​​the Project: Guangdong's Progress Stage: Commencement and Construction (EIA)
Construction period: 2011-2012 Major equipment: fire-fighting facilities, security facilities, water supply and drainage facilities, cranes, excavators, ventilation facilities, and lighting facilities. (for reference only)
Brief introduction of the project: The project is located in Dongguagang, Zhongshan Port, Zhongshan District, Zhongshan City. The main construction content includes: high-rise residential buildings, low-rise residential buildings, shops, kindergartens and public facilities. The project has a total land area of ​​16,4538.6 square meters, a total construction area of ​​381,306.96 square meters, a building density of 29.7%, a building volume rate of 2.00, a total number of 2,744 households, a population of 8,781 people, a green space rate of 38% and a total of 2,711 parking spaces. The total investment of the project is 230 million yuan.
Construction Unit: Zhongshan Yachuang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Postal address: Zhong Shan Gang Avenue, Torch District, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province Post Code: 528437 Contact Person: Miss Tan Telephone Design Unit: Institute of Environmental Sciences, Sun Yat-sen University
Postal address: No. 135, Xingang West Road, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China Post Code: 510275 Contact: Zeng Keya Telephone
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