Diesel engine EFI industry wants to break the monopoly of foreign companies

Recently, Chengdu Witt Electronic Fuel Injection Co., Ltd. and Delphi Diesel Systems Co., Ltd., a supplier of automotive diesel parts, held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony in Beijing. Both parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in diesel EFI product development, manufacturing, system integration, and marketing promotion.

Wei Anli, secretary general of the China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association, said: "The Witt EFI system with independent intellectual property rights has shaken off the long-term dependence on multinational companies in China's EFI market and increased bargaining power between China's automotive diesel engine companies and foreign EFI suppliers during negotiations. status."

It is reported that, since its establishment in 2003, Chengdu Witt has taken the lead in the development of the domestic single-unit pump electronically controlled fuel injection system, becoming the first domestic company to pass the national emission certification, and the first company to begin mass production of the country's EFI system, currently The development of high pressure common rail and direct injection gasoline engine fuel system products is underway. Witland’s common-rail products will also be launched on the market by early next year.

MSW pyrolyis machine is one of the hottest machines in Lanning products.

the main process is that by heating the reactor directly, wastes will be pyrolysised into oil gas;

condensers or cooling pipes will cool the gas down into liquid oil with the help of recycling water;

then the rest gas which could not be cooled down into liquid oil will be recycled into reactor heating system; after oil gas coming out completely, stop heating the reactor, and cool down reactor below 70 degrees; then can open the door and discharge carbon black automatically...

there are models with capacities from 5tons to 20tons per batch

LN-2200-6000 capacity of 5-6ton 

LN-2200-6600 capacity of 7-8ton 

LN-2200-8000 capacity of 9-10ton 

LN-2600-6600 capacity of 10-12ton 

LN-2600-8000 capacity of 12-14ton 

LN-2800-6000 capacity of 10-12ton 

LN-2800-6600 capacity of 12-14ton 

LN-2800-8000 capacity of 15-20ton 

if cut into smaller pieces, it could process more.


MSW Pyrolysis Machine

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