Security hammer sold out in 1 year and 2 days

With the recent natural disasters in North China, the city has also entered the flood season, raising public awareness of safety. A survey by the reporter found that sales of self-help security products soared and sales of some products increased by nearly 10 times.

Recently, in the event of a car accident in the car in the field, how to open the door underwater and break the glass of the car has become a topic of concern to many car owners in the city. Nankai District, a sales staff of a car shop, the shop has 10 safety hammer, put it for more than a year no one to buy, these two days sold out. A car owner said: "The safety hammer is less than 20 yuan, and some also have a flashlight function, to buy a prepared."

In a large supermarket in the Hexi District, management officials said that recently, many people came to buy nylon ropes, rain boots, and inflatable cushions. Some outdoor products have been sold out and are waiting for replenishment. Sales staff introduced an inflated swim ring in the store. The user opened the air valve and used the mouth to blow for 3 minutes, which attracted many young people to purchase.

At the same time, Jingdong Mall launched the “Storm of Storms, Preparedness” convenience topic, Dangdang, Taobao, QQ online shopping and other shopping sites also launched related areas, outdoor first aid supplies, high-calorie ready-to-eat food, umbrellas rain gear, disinfection wipes and other commodities are online sell like hot cakes. According to statistics from Jingdong Mall, its orders for outdoor life-saving supplies have increased substantially. Only the sales of life-saving hammers have increased by 10 times compared with the usual days, and the purchase volume of Tianjin Internet users has also increased by nearly 10 times.

Nankai District, a large-scale integrated shopping mall management staff said that with the increase in public awareness of safety, shopping malls will increase the amount of safety supplies purchases, seize the opportunity to focus on display and sales of such goods to meet the needs of the public.

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