Jiangling Isuzu Joint Venture Project: Annual Production Capacity of 220,000 Engines

On November 30, the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced that it had officially accepted the environmental assessment application for Jiangling Isuzu joint venture project. According to the EIA report published by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Jiangling Isuzu joint venture project has undergone a slight change with a total investment of 4.0428 trillion yuan. At the same time, the planned capacity of the new joint venture engine project has increased to 220,000 units/year.

On August 7, this year, Jiangling Group and Japan’s Isuzu Motors Corporation signed a signing ceremony for a joint venture contract between the vehicle and the engine to fully launch a new round of cooperation. Jiangling and Isuzu entered into cooperation as early as in 1993 and established Jiangling Isuzu Corporation. Among them, Jiangling Motors holds 75% of the shares, while Isuzu holds 25% of the shares. As the date of the joint venture between the two parties will expire in March 2013, the two parties will reach new cooperation: namely, by adjusting the ratio of stocks, reorganizing Jiangling Isuzu to a new joint venture company with 50% each of Jiangling Group and Isuzu Motors. ——Jiangsu Isuzu Automobile Co., Ltd.

It is reported that the Jiangxi Isuzu joint venture company consists of two projects, of which the entire vehicle project is a new construction project and is located in the Wangcheng New District, Nanchang. The planned production scale of the entire vehicle is 100,000 vehicles per year; the engine project supporting the entire vehicle will be completed by the Jiangling Group. The subsidiary company Jiangxi Wolfowitz Engine Co., Ltd. builds on the foundation.

According to the EIA report published by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Jiangling Isuzu joint venture project has seen slight changes in construction funds, among which the total investment has increased to RMB 4402.83 billion. In addition, the engine project production capacity has increased from the initial 200,000 units/year to 220,000 units. Taiwan/year. The report also showed that the Jiangxi Isuzu vehicle project plans to introduce Isuzu D-MAX pickup trucks, Mu- 7 SU V, and self-developed own-brand products. The engine project plans to achieve the co-production of VMs and 4J series engines, and adds 4J. Series diesel engine production.

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