LED lighting is waiting for large-scale high-end stores

As the real estate industry is constrained by the state's macro-control policies, the real estate market has been affected to some extent, and in some areas, it has affected the downstream industry lighting industry. However, a large number of urban construction still has to continue, the renovation of old cities, the construction of new cities, etc., in general, the lighting industry will continue to develop.
In fact, in the home improvement market, lighting has been called one of the top ten wealth industries in China. In private, there is a wide spread of words: 40 yuan of gold price lighting, you can certainly sell 120 yuan! 300 yuan sold to you to talk about friendship, 400 yuan sold to you to tell the market to see if I feel that this is a bit too ridiculous? The profit of lighting is so high!
However, in today's market, 2012 is relatively cold for the entire home furnishing industry, because the various controls in 2011 are reflected in 2012, so the response is more obvious, whether it is the furniture store or the lighting store this year, the sales situation is not Too optimistic, but also for the development of the home market and lighting market is also the industry's shuffling time. From the point of view of the lighting market, the impact on large and powerful enterprises is not great. Instead, it is considered to be a good thing, which can promote industry reshuffle, survival of the fittest and survival of the fittest. So we are very optimistic about the future market expectations.
The development of the lighting industry marketing model more than 20 years ago, the most primitive marketing method used by the lamp sellers to sell, has made a lamp into an industry. For more than 20 years, the lighting industry has become bigger and bigger, marketing methods have become more sophisticated, sales networks have become more extensive, and channels have become more and more deep. However, to this day, in the context of serious product homogeneity and weakening regional differentiation, the lighting industry is on the cusp of change and reshuffle. How to grasp the opportunity becomes an important prerequisite for the development of lighting.
According to the reporter's visit to the market, some lighting wholesalers have been unswervingly taking the high-end route from the initial investment and positioning, creating a store layout that the national lighting companies have never tried, and creating a business model that uses lamps to divide the area. Each floor manages different categories, such as the first floor with modern design; the second floor operating crystal lamp; the three-story European table lamp; the fourth floor is the luxury famous lamp. At present, there is no whole area for a lighting store in Beijing. To be the top luxury imported in the country and the top foreign imports.
With the rapid development of the economy, China's lighting lighting market has good prospects, and the home lighting industry will really turn from the light source era to the lighting era. With the rapid growth of the LED lighting industry, many lighting companies have entered the field of LED lighting. High-tech, big investment, and the post-era trend of the LED lighting market, if blindly investing in the LED lighting market, the consequences will be very serious. Although the lighting industry has developed over the years, it has already formed a professional, systematic logistics system and a modern e-commerce platform. For most lighting companies, creating lighting brands and expanding market scale have become an inevitable form of rapid development of the current lighting industry.


1. The whole chamber circulates movement, high shredding efficiency, never stuck.
2. The  shaft is made as an integrated part, and the machining center can be automatically processed and never stuck.
3. The rotating part is connected with the coupling, iron pins, protecting the  shaft and reducer, and avoid power loss.
4. The electronic control system is PLC program, equipped with functions of starting, stopping, turning, reversing and overload automatic protection.Complete machine automation, ensure safety and stability, save labor cost.


1. Large diameter PE /PVC pipes, board
2. PP ,PC ,ABS lump bullion
3. Pallet
4. Waste wire and cable
5. Waste metal, grass, aluminum
6.Waste tyre

Technical parameters

Shredder model RF-S2455 RF-S3063 RF-S3980 RF-S48100 RF-S57120 RF-S75160
Shaft diameter(mm) 275 275 275 315 315 350
Moving knife qty.(pcs) 24 30 39 48 57 75
Fixed knife qty.(pcs) 1 1 1 1 2 2
Max.capacity(kg/h) 400 500 700 900 1200 1300
Motor power(kw) 22 30 37 45 55 75
Chamber size(L*W )(mm) 780*550 780*670 1000*870 1200*1060 1400*1260 1800*1650
Host weight(kg) 3600 4000 6000 8000 9500 12000
Dimensions(mm) 3250*1500*2350 3250*1750*2350 4150*1900*2450



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