How to buy auto insurance benefits? How does auto insurance match the most economical?

Xiagong Chusheng Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. today analyzed the auto insurance claims strategy for friends with car owners: how auto insurance should be purchased before it is affordable, and how auto insurance is the most economical. "How should auto insurance be purchased? "This problem is estimated to make many new car owners more confused, buy a car and worry about car insurance, and then ask friends how to buy auto insurance, which led to many friends into the mistakes of buying auto insurance. What car insurance should be how to buy it Affordable? Xia Gong Chu Sheng Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. to explain to you the auto insurance claims to buy Raiders:

Xiagong Chu Sheng gas recommended you may wish to go to several insurance agencies to consult, it is best to go to a professional insurance agency, choose the insurance claims for you. This allows you to know when you are buying insurance and saves time. At the same time, you can also use a reasonable insurance coverage for your insurance.

How to buy auto insurance should be affordable ? How does auto insurance match the most economical?

Xiagong Chusheng Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. will use a combination of conventional, economical, risky, and comprehensive types of auto insurance as your analysis to see which auto insurance is more suitable for you.

How to buy auto insurance should be affordable    How to match the most economic insurance


Car insurance collocation type


Which people are suitable for?

Car insurance collocation


Conventional type


Conventional insurance matches are suitable for:

1. Car owners who have a certain driving age and are willing to take some risks themselves.

2. Vehicles parked in parking lots that are staffed by permanent personnel.

Commercial Three-responsibility Insurance (200,000 yuan ) + Strong Traffic Insurance + On-board Personnel Liability Insurance + Pirate Emergency Repair + Excluded Special Compensation Insurance + Car Damage Insurance


Economic type


Economic insurance is suitable for:

1. Skilled car owners.

2. The owner of the vehicle used for a longer period of time.

3. Car owners willing to take most of the risks themselves.

Commercial three-responsibility insurance (100,000 yuan ) + strong insurance + excluding special insurance + car damage insurance


Comprehensive type


Comprehensive insurance collocation is intended to provide comprehensive protection for new owners and new owners who need comprehensive protection.

Commercial three liability insurance (300,000 yuan ) + strong risk insurance + stolen emergency insurance + on-board personnel liability insurance + separate glass damage insurance + vehicle damage insurance + no special compensation insurance + body scratch damage insurance


Risk type


Xia Gong Chu Sheng does not mind that your purchase only purchase risk insurance.

The risk type is stolen or it is the vehicle damage that needs to bear the risk.

If you cause an accident in the road, the injured party the highest paid 110,000 yuan casualties and property losses 2,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan hospitalization. This is unrealistic. In general accidents, the compensation for the death caused by a car accident should be more than 200,000 yuan. The property loss and medical expenses are far more than the above-mentioned number.

To pay high insurance

The above is the collection of automobile insurance for XCMG Chu Sheng with economic benefits, more car information to do in the Xiagong Chu Sheng company's official website

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