ABB Marine DC Grid Wins "New Technology" Award

Leading power and automation group ABB has announced that its marine DC grid will be awarded the "New Technology" award at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, USA on May 6-9.
It is reported that the OTC award is a technology that rewards the oil and gas industry and related energy fields with innovative technologies and can have a significant impact on offshore exploration and production. The OTC "New Technology" award must meet five criteria: must be new technology (within 2 years); must be innovative technology; must be verified for use; must be of widespread interest and concern in the industry; must have significant impact (relative to prior art) Efficiency and environmental aspects).
ABB's marine DC grid design can be used in a wide range of ship types, such as offshore support vessels, tugs, ferries and yachts. It is an efficient distribution, automation and electric propulsion system that significantly reduces fuel consumption and reduces pollution emissions by 20%. , saving 30% of the power equipment space.
The first to use the all-DC grid system is a platform support vessel (PSV) being built by Kleven of Norway for the owner Myklebusthaug Offshore.

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