Small-displacement booster engines become a trend

The small-displacement supercharged engine that embodies energy conservation and environmental protection has been gradually recognized by many domestic and foreign automakers. The domestic automakers have achieved phased results in this field over the years. Among them, the 1.5T supercharged engine has become a domestic independent brand R&D. Focus. At present, besides the Great Wall and other manufacturers have launched 1.5T, a total of 9 domestic self-owned brands plan to launch 1.5T turbocharged engines, a total of 13 models equipped.

The 9th developed R&D 1.5T engine's own brand, SAIC, BAIC, and Southeast Automotive's 1.5T technology were jointly developed with partners, while Dongfeng Yulon, Chang'an Group and Geely Group's 1.5T supercharged engine were independently developed.

Cooperative research and development

SAIC's Roewe 350, MG5 and Baojun 630 will carry 1.5T engines. In the previous Guangzhou Auto Show, Rong Wei brand manager Cui Yali said: Roewe 350 has been listed for 3 years, and 2013 will have 1.5T products launched. At the same time, both Roewe and MG brands are sub-brands of SAIC, and MG5 and 350 are built on the AP platform, and the engines will be the same, so the Roewe 350 will also replace the 1.5T engine.

In June of this year, the National Development and Reform Commission approved the engine project of Shanghai GM (Shenyang) Beisheng Automobile Co., Ltd., including 1.2T, 1.4T, and 1.5T engines. As early as 2010, SAIC and GM signed an agreement to jointly develop a 1.0L-1.5L lightweight, direct injection, turbocharged series engine. Previously, Mr. Qian Ning, Senior Director of SAIC-GM-Wuling Passenger Vehicles Platform, said in an interview that “The Baojun 630 will be powered by a 1.5T engine jointly developed by SAIC and GM. It will undergo new training to obtain better power output and fuel economy. ".

Southeast will push 1.5T engine, technology from Mitsubishi. As a partner of Mitsubishi in China, Southeast Motor has built its own models by drawing on the technology of its partners. On the engine, the engines used by the Southeast Motor are all from Mitsubishi, including 1.5T and 1.5L engines. In an interview with the media, Southeast Automotive Product Planning Minister Wang Lijun said: Southeast Motor will formally launch the V6 model in April this year. The biggest highlight of this model is Mitsubishi's 1.5T supercharged engine.

Beiqi pushed the 1.5TDI engine and the C50E was equipped. "The A150-1.5L in-cylinder direct-injection turbocharged engine jointly developed with the United States FEV approached the 1.8T engine and the maximum torque has reached 262 Nm." Ma Tongli, general manager of Beijing Automobile Power, revealed to the media. In addition, the A150-1.5TDI built on the A2 compact power platform will be produced at the production base in Tongzhou, and the C50E will be launched in the future.

Independent research and development of independent innovation

Dongfeng Yulon will push the 1.5T engine and take the Zhijie A0. Dongzhi Yulon’s Na Zhijie will also introduce A0-class models in the future, and the engines it carries will also use booster technology. Previously, Bai Qingyuan, deputy general manager of Dongfeng Yulon Automobile Co., Ltd., said in an interview that in addition to the 2.0T and 2.2T supercharged engines, it will also introduce small-capacity supercharged engines such as 1.3T and 1.5T.

Chang'an 1.5T power engine, Yat first carried. In addition to the 1.6L naturally aspirated engine already on the market, the Changan Bluecore brand will also launch 1.0T, 1.5T, 1.8T and 2.0L engines one after another. The performance of the Bluecore brand has been significantly improved compared to ordinary engines. The 1.5T engine has a maximum power of 121kw, which is better than some 1.8T engines on the domestic market, and is consistent with the maximum torque. The 1.5T has more power and its fuel economy is even higher than some 1.8T engines. prominent.

Geely's compact class cars, the Emgrand EC7 and the Global Hawk GX7, will carry a 1.5T engine. During last year's Chengdu auto show, Liu Jinliang, general manager of Geely Automobile Sales, stated that 1.0T, 1.3T, 1.5T, and 1.8T are all in the R&D process, and will be carried on a variety of models under Geely's brands in the future. Among them, the 1.5T and 1.8T engines will be installed on the compact car platform, involving the Emgrand EC7 and the Global Hawk GX7.

Small-displacement engines or development trends

There are so many independent brands currently planning to launch the 1.5T engine, and it has also proved from the side that the small-displacement supercharged engine with fuel economy advantages may become a development trend in the future. At the same time, the country has been restricting the country’s procurement of official vehicles. At the end of 2011, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the “Detailed Rules for the Selection of Model Vehicles for the Selection of Official Vehicles for Party and Government Organs”, which mentioned that the displacement of general corporate cars was reduced from 2.0L to 1.8L and the price was reduced from RMB 250,000 to RMB 180,000, that is, within the industry. Think of the "double 18" standard. According to the information released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the new official car purchase standard may drop from “double 18” to “18, 16”, that is, the 1.8L displacement will remain unchanged, but the price will drop to less than 160,000 yuan, while the joint venture will be autonomous Brands may also be shortlisted for alternatives. In this case, the reporter speculated that everyone would develop a 1.5T engine and plan to prepare for a share of the bus procurement.

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