Dongfeng Volvo JV will be listed in the second half of the year

Last week, the reporter learned from the Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Department that Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Dongfeng and Volvo, will be listed in the second half of this year. The organization structure of the joint venture company is basically based on Dongfeng commercial vehicle personnel under the original Dongfeng Limited Framework. Send people to settle in. The first heavy-duty trucks will be unveiled at this year's Shanghai Auto Show. The new car will be built by Volvo's factory in Brazil.

Future or Borrowing of Volvo Overseas Sales Channels

According to the relevant person in charge of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, the first product under Dongfeng and Volvo's joint venture will be a 13-liter heavy truck. The new vehicle will be delivered to Volvo's factory in Brazil and the Dongfeng will only pay Volvo's labor service. Labor charges. "In the future, we can also negotiate with Volvo dealers in Brazil and use their overseas channels to sell this product. This will give full play to the complementary advantages of both sides of the resources, so that Dongfeng can quickly open the overseas market." The above-mentioned person in charge to reporters Indicated.

In fact, Dongfeng and Volvo's alliance is the bridge that Dongfeng has adopted to achieve its own “come-out” of commercial vehicles. This is also the reason behind Dongfeng’s insistence on the use of Dongfeng brand logos in future joint venture products in cooperation negotiations. The products linked to the Dongfeng standard will not be limited by the specific region in terms of exports. If the joint venture products are linked to Volvo, they cannot enter the markets where Volvo has sold products overseas.

Consider timely setting up a commercial vehicle R&D center in Europe

In an interview with Dongcheng, Dongfeng’s deputy general manager said that China’s automotive technology lags far behind that of foreign countries in terms of electronics and electronic control, so it is not enough to meet the high standards of developed markets. “The new technology that the two parties will cooperate with in the future will be a shared platform. Existing platforms, technologies, and products can also be produced directly.” In addition, “CV R&D centers in Europe should be established when appropriate”, Dongfeng insiders Told reporters.

According to Dongfeng’s overseas strategic plan, by the year 2016, it will achieve an overseas export of 300,000 units, reaching 10% of the total sales volume of its own brands. In order to achieve this goal, Dongfeng Motor set up an international business unit in 2011. This unit is connected to Dongfeng’s overseas business operations units with capital as a link to promote the strategic transformation of overseas businesses.

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