FAW Dachai’s four-emission standard new diesel engine will be put into mass production

The domestic motor vehicle will implement the national IV emission standard on July 1, 2013. Deutz FAW (Dalian) Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. seizes the opportunity to launch a variety of compliance models and to seize market opportunities. Recently, Deutz FAW (Dalian) Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. is stepping up the adjustment of its production process. It will soon produce a new type of diesel engine with four emission standards in volume production. The engine will cover 2.5 liters to 7.2 liters, suitable for trucks, buses, construction machinery and other fields. All emission indicators have reached the international advanced level.

Deutz FAW (Dalian) Diesel Engine Manufacturing Workshop

Deutz FAW (Dalian) Diesel Engine Manufacturing Workshop

Ma Chengzhong, a senior technician at Deutz FAW (Dalian) Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., said: "PM2.5 can be reduced by 80%, and the total amount of tailpipe emissions can be reduced by 30% to 50%, which is more economic than that of Guosan (product). In order to meet the country’s increasingly stringent motor vehicle exhaust emission standards, Deutz FAW (Dalian) Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. is also relying on the world’s leading power R&D capabilities to increase low emissions in terms of fuel, combustion and post-processing. Advanced product reserve.

According to Li Laiqun, deputy chief engineer of Deutz FAW (Dalian) Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.: "SVI6 (products) is under development, and its overall emission levels have fallen by a large margin." The current domestic engine industry has slowed growth and fierce competition. The country raises engine emission standards. The competitive advantage of Deutz FAW (Dalian) Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. is highlighted. This year, the company will invest 1.6 billion yuan to start the construction of the second phase of the project, and build five new production lines, which can annually produce 300,000 low-emission engines.

In an interview, the general manager of Deutz China FAW (Dalian) Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. said in an interview: “All our production lines will achieve international manufacturing levels this year. Products that represent the future direction of energy conservation and emission reduction will give us new (market) opportunities. In the first quarter of this year, Deutz FAW (Dalian) Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. has exceeded its production plan and is expected to achieve sales revenue of 2.7 billion yuan this year, an increase of 35% year-on-year.  

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