Relationship between TSI output parameter change and unit operation

At present, the signal communication between the steam turbine monitoring instrument (TSI) and DCS and DEH mostly uses analog signal transmission. After the analog signal is sent to DCS and DEH, DCS and DEH configure, display and record the signal. It is with the SOE functions of DCS and DEH, real-time and historical trend display functions, TSI's FFT function, etc. that make it possible to analyze and resolve changes in TSI parameters during the operation of the unit.

The shaft of the unit is a precision large-scale rotating machine. To make it smooth, it requires careful maintenance, maintenance and scientific and reasonable operation. After each overhaul, the data recorded in the inspection process shall be compared with the data recorded during the last inspection. According to the differences in clearance adjustments such as bearing bushings, steam seals, oil files, etc., appropriate modifications to the operating parameters shall be provided and reasonable operating. In addition, due to the increase in service life of the unit and the number of overhauls, replacement of equipment such as turbine bearings and seals, and oil shifts, mechanical adjustment differences during each inspection, and changes in operating operations, the operation of the unit should be performed accordingly. Adjustments.

1. Abnormal shaft vibration output of steam turbine and position change of steam turbine control valve When the unit changes operating conditions (up and down load) during normal operation, the vibration output value of certain shaft vibration measurement points of TSI will occur in a large order. A sudden mutation may sometimes be close to the alarm value or shutdown value. However, no problems were found in the TSI inspection and no treatment measures were taken. After a period of time, the abnormal output value automatically returned to the normal value. In this regard, it is often assumed that the TSI has generated "system interference." After follow-up studies on multiple units, it has been found that the main causes of this phenomenon are related to the rate of change in the opening degree of the steam turbine high-pressure control valve and the medium-pressure control valve, the distribution of the position, and the proportional relationship between the opening degrees of the respective control valves. Appropriately reducing the rate of change of the opening of the turbine control valve and rationally allocating the proportional relationship between the position of the regulating valve and the opening of each regulating valve can greatly reduce the occurrence of abrupt changes in the TSI vibration output value.

2. Abnormal vibration output of steam turbine wreck is related to changes in water level in condensers. When many power plants are in operation, a large step change occurs in the output value of one watt of TSI vibration. Its output value is much larger than that of the same measuring point. Shaft vibration value, but the output value does not last long. In this regard, after excluding TSI measurement system's own problems and possible outside interference factors, the analysis of this phenomenon is mainly caused by low-frequency vibration, and the cause of low-frequency vibration is mainly from the vibration of the condenser. The measurement of the change rate of the water level of the condenser or the measurement of vibration of the TSI tile should be changed from the displacement measurement to the velocity measurement, and the cutoff frequency of the lower limit of the measurement input signal can be increased. This can effectively solve the sudden change in the output value of the TSI tile vibration.

Third, the abnormal vibration of the wind turbine is related to the change of the opening of the blade (baffle). In recent years, many large-scale thermal power plant fans (fans, induced draft fans, primary fans, etc.) are also equipped with a vibration measurement system, and their probes can be arranged horizontally. Three kinds of vertical and axial positions, measurement using speed measurement and displacement measurement two ways. Occasionally, some sudden changes in the output value of the fan vibration (especially the axial measurement point) occur during the operation of the system, and the more frequent the adjustment, the faster the adjustment rate, the greater the change in the vibration output value. In this regard, it is necessary to pay attention to slowing down the rate of change of the opening of the blade (baffle) during the operation process, and should wait for a complete stabilization of the transition process before performing the next adjustment operation. In this way, the abrupt change of the output value of the fan vibration caused by the operation can be avoided and the safety and stable operation of the auxiliary machine system can be guaranteed.

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