Packaging machinery should change the status of low technological content as soon as possible

At present, China is faced with the task of developing deep processing of agricultural products, building a conservation-minded society, and developing a recycling economy. The market for packaging machinery products is very broad. Packaging machinery companies will gain considerable profits if they can accelerate technological innovation and adapt to market demands.

As a supporting industry in many areas of the national economy, the packaging machinery industry benefits from the prosperity of other industries, and its technological progress and supporting services can also be counterproductive to other industries. At present, China's packaging machinery industry maintains an annual growth of about 16%. The future development directions are:

First, it is more adaptable to product changes. Since the life cycle of packaging machinery products is much shorter than the service life of equipment, an expensive packaging line must allow the size of the package to change within a certain size range to accommodate the frequently changing products.

Second, arrange production based on market demand. With the development of modern society, people's demand for product packaging is getting higher and higher, and more and more personalized. Packaging machinery companies must seize market trends and produce packaging products that users are satisfied with.

Third, technology has become a key element in winning corporate competition. At present, the development of the world's advanced packaging machinery has shown the trend of integrating machine, electricity, gas, liquid, optics, magnetism, and production. The high efficiency of production, the recyclability of energy-saving products, and the use of high-tech technologies have become smart. As a trend, this should also be the mainstream of China's packaging machinery industry.

Benefiting from the development of other industries, China's packaging machinery industry has great potential for development. It is imperative to quickly change the status of low technological content, learn advanced foreign technology, develop and produce high-efficiency and low-cost, production and sales of packaging equipment, accelerate the packaging machinery. Renewal, further explore the domestic and international markets.

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