The rebound of Chinese shipbuilding orders is difficult to conceal the "deep sea space station" to help transform

The long history of the global shipping industry is rare in history. From the beginning of the freight rate plummeting, it gradually affected the relevant industries such as shipbuilding, ship financing, terminal ports. According to Professor Zhang Shengkun, chairman of the Shanghai Society of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, China's shipbuilding industry must be transformed and develop technically.

China Shipbuilding Enterprise's Orders Rise Unfortunately Zhang Shengkun: Worried about Delayed Technology Upgrade
Since the beginning of this year, the international shipping market has shown a warming trend. Among them, the number of orders received by Chinese shipbuilding companies has also rebounded, with 579 ships, an increase of more than 80% year-on-year, accounting for 38.6% of the global total, ranking first in the world. This sounds like a good thing, but Zhang Shengkun believes that he can only be cautiously optimistic. "The increase in orders is because the current price of the ship is low. Some investors come to the bottom of the market like buying stocks. I hope that one day the price of the ship will rise and profit from it." What worries him is that after the ship company receives the order, the mentality may be Changes have occurred, mistakenly thinking that the market is improving, thus slowing down the pace of transformation and development and improvement of technology. Zhang Shengkun told that according to his grasp of the situation, after the crisis, some shipbuilding enterprises underwent some technological development under pressure, but the general intensity was not great.
Similarly, behind this "world first", there are more than half of the shipbuilding companies in China. It is understood that some shipping companies are already in a state of suspension. From the perspective of order structure, Korean shipping companies are significantly stronger than Chinese and Japanese companies in the handling of super-large container ships, LNG carriers and product tankers.
Ships made by Chinese shipbuilding companies are cheap, but in the eyes of customers, the quality of the hull can only be called general. What is especially critical is that Chinese shipbuilding companies, the main job is to build the hull, the core equipment inside, such as the main engine, auxiliary machine, motor, communication, navigation, etc., almost all foreign goods. There is still a long way to go before the Chinese shipbuilding industry is really strong.
Professor Zhang Shengkun believes that in order to get out of the predicament, China's shipbuilding industry must transform itself and prepare for technology. Otherwise, even if the market is good, it is difficult for China's shipbuilding industry to turn over. "Technological advancement is on the one hand, the brand is the ultimate, but also a transformation." For example, Zhang Shengkun, the "Good Hope" bulk carrier built by Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. has indeed made a reputation, and the market is in short supply.

There is no shortage of highlights in the predicament, "Deep Sea Space Station" will debut in Shanghai
Some experts believe that some shipping companies can transform into ocean engineering and turn Shanghai into a "coal engineering capital." In fact, China's shipbuilding and marine engineering does have a lot of highlights. Professor Zhang Shengkun told reporters that the China International Maritime Exhibition, which is held every two years, will open in Shanghai on December 3. At this exhibition, there are high-speed diesel engines developed by China itself and 16,000-bin container ships, as well as the “deep sea space station” model with the equivalent function of “Tiangong No.1”.
"Deep Sea Space Station" is another frontier exploration of China's deep sea equipment research and development after the successful development of "Jilong". It is a kind of environment that is not restricted by the harsh sea and wave environment, and can directly control the work and equipment in the deep sea area for long-term and all-weather. Underwater work operations, resource exploration and development, marine scientific research manned deep-sea carrying equipment, which is 35 tons, working on the seabed for 12 to 18 hours, can carry six people. If the "Dragon" is likened to the Shenzhou spacecraft, the workstation is equivalent to "Tiangong No.1". Professor Zhang revealed that the equipment is still in the research and development stage.
As you progress, you must also figure out what others are doing. Zhang Shengkun told reporters that they found that in addition to the traditional high-tech ships, Korean ship companies began to enter the seemingly ordinary bulk carrier market this year. "For their intentions, we have not yet thoroughly understood." In the forthcoming China International Maritime Exhibition, in addition to the exhibition, there are also several main forums and special forums. Zhang Shengkun said that they hope that through this exhibition, they can understand the dynamics of international counterparts and understand how they adjust to cope with the big environment.

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