·The National Automobile Product Quality Inspection Center Technology Alliance was formally established

Recently, the National Automobile Product Quality Inspection Center Technology Alliance (hereinafter referred to as "the Alliance") was formally established, and the inaugural meeting and the first working meeting were held. It is reported that the establishment of the alliance marks the official start of the exchange and cooperation platform of China's automotive product quality inspection center, which is of great significance to promote the exchange and cooperation of the national quality inspection center and form an overall advantage.

It is reported that the alliance was prepared in accordance with the relevant requirements of the AQSIQ on strengthening the construction of quality inspection technical institutions and was encouraged and advocated by the Science and Technology Department of the AQSIQ. The Alliance is a national-level automotive product quality testing laboratory that is engaged in the testing and research of automobiles and their parts and components in the quality supervision system. At the same time, it is a national-level automobile product quality inspection for the whole society to test and research automobile and its parts and products. The laboratory is open and absorbs the influential other automotive professional testing institutions and voluntarily constitutes an industry-based, non-profit working mechanism.

It is understood that at the inaugural meeting, the members of the alliance jointly discussed and approved the relevant documents of the alliance charter, the rules of procedure and the establishment of the technical alliance, and elected Zhang Hongwei, the chief engineer of the National Automobile Quality Inspection Center (Beijing Tongzhou), as the first chairman of the alliance. The Alliance also held its first working meeting, and selected a working group to discuss and adopt the recent work plan of the alliance. At the same time, a number of research topics were formulated in the fields of reform and development of the national quality inspection center and technical capability planning and construction.

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