Changzhou Jinling Dry R&D Powder Liquid Material Granulation Dryer

China Drying Network National High-Tech Enterprise The FL Series Boiling Granulation Dryer developed by Changzhou Jinling Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. of Jiangsu Province integrates mixing, granulating, and drying to achieve one-step granulation of powder materials. The PGL series spray drying system was developed. The granulator integrates spray drying and fluidized granulation into one body to achieve one-step granulation of the liquid material. The two granulation dryers fully embody excellent performance.

The FL Boiling Granulation Dryer adopts the boiling drying process to make the powder particles aggregate into the binder-containing pellets to form the ideal uniform microporous spherical pellets; the anti-static filter cloth is used to set the pressure release holes and the operation is safe. Explosion, equipment personnel are not harmed; Equipped with medium-efficiency and sub-high efficiency filter, the container is closed, the equipment has no dead ends, rinsed cleanly, and meets the GMP standard; the loading and unloading materials are light and fast, and the labor intensity is low; the fan and the host are installed in isolation and the sound is silenced. With noise below 75 decibels.

PGL spray dryer adopts the spray drying process, which is 1-2 times more efficient than the former. The improved design of the mixed multi-fluid atomizer is more suitable for polysaccharides, strong viscous or heat-sensitive materials, and continuous spraying process. Fluidization is more stable than the former, fluidization drying strength is increased, the “dead bed” phenomenon is overcome, and GMP requirements are met; the final moisture of the product is up to 0.1%, with a return to powder device, granulation rate ≥ 95%, 0.2 mm can be made To 2 mm particles. Both granulation dryers can be used for granulating and drying foods such as cocoa, coffee, powdered milk, granulated fruit juices, seasonings, etc., and can also be used for granulation and drying of pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, feeds, fertilizers, pigments, dyes, and the like. Boiling Granulation Dryer can also be used for granular, pill protective layer, color preparation, sustained release, film, enteric coating.

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