Xie Jianjun: China's auto parts remanufacturing output value reached 8 billion

Xie Jianjun, secretary general of the Auto Parts Remanufacturing branch of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, revealed recently that in 2012, the output value of China's auto parts remanufacturing industry has reached 8 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 160 times compared with 2005's less than 0.5 billion yuan.

"Remanufacturing differs from old-fashioned refurbishment, not the so-called 'second-hand goods', but refers to the recovery of the entire faulty part, after all dismantling and testing, repairing and processing of the problematic product by high-tech means, and finally according to production. Process requirements require new products to be produced.” According to Xie Jianjun, the number of companies engaged in the remanufacturing of auto parts in China rose from one in 2005 to dozens in 2012, and the industrial scale rose from less than 5,000 sets/year in 2005 to In the 1.5 million sets/year (including auto parts and construction machinery products) in 2012, the number of employees rose from less than 1,000 in 2005 to more than 50,000 in 2012, and the industrial scale and output value have all achieved significant growth. Xie Jianjun said that with the release of the company's production capacity, the number of used cars has been increasing year by year. In the future, the sales volume of remanufactured products will increase significantly. The prospects for the reuse of auto parts resources in China are enormous.

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