The composition of the mobile stage car structure

The memory of our generation does not have the impulse of watching movies from generation to generation. There is no sense of expectation in the construction of a traditional stage. However, as technology has increasingly improved the level of equipment in the service industry, the tedious construction of the stage during the performance of the older generation has been condensed into a small mobile stage car. For this stage of the show is a wonderful performance, put away the "Pandora's box" is an ordinary low-key car, the author in the curiosity of the urge to introduce a detailed structure of the mobile stage car.


First, the mobile stage car is divided into two major components. The upper part consists of the top surface, side walls, and countertops of the stage car. The side walls and the top surface are individually controlled by a body hydraulic control system to develop a table top. Countertops are usually automatically regulated by four-cylinder linkage. The self-adjustment of the hydraulic control system eliminates the cumbersome task of manually setting up the stage. The process of unfolding the stage is both convenient and safe.

Secondly, the mobile stage car quickly deploys the side panels of the carriages through hydraulic machinery to set up an on-board performance stage. Its interior is often equipped with related performances of sound and lighting facilities, and has a special interface to connect the power facilities to the car power supply.

Third, the top surface of the floating stage car is a fixed part of the stage ceiling, and after the four side walls of the carriage are deployed, the top surface of the stage is further expanded around the top surface.


Fourth, the stage of the mobile stage car is generally composed of three parts: floor, bracket and wooden keel. There are two types of distinction between activity and fixation.

V. The ceiling of the mobile stage car is used to hang lighting equipment and props backgrounds, and it can also play a role in sheltering and sheltering rain in bright light and rainy days.

Sixth, the mobile stage platform board is also equipped with a platen slide for movement and support the role of platen pillars. The chute can be used to match the stage side plate movements. Pillar supports but also can adjust the height of the stage.

7. The lighting scene pole of the mobile stage car can be used to hang professional lights and set props. Moreover, the power generating devices are controlled by the electronic control box.

I believe that through the above, everyone will actually encounter this kind of moving stage car again, and will no longer look at its amazing appearance with amazement, but will put more energy into the wonderful performances displayed by the trolley.

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