Can intelligent robots surpass humans?

The World Robot Conference 2016 (WRC) came to a close on October 25 in Beijing. Over 300 robotics experts from 11 countries and nearly 150 domestic and foreign robot-related companies exhibited robotic products and projects.

Deep learning Can intelligent robots surpass humans?

This shows that humans have long been in the era of robots and upgrades into smart robots. Not only do intelligent robots compete with each other to see who can enter human life and work sooner and more, but also at the same time as artificial intelligence and humans. PK, which will determine the evolutionary direction of human society in the future, may even result in the confrontation between intelligent robots dominating the world and human beings ruling the world.

The PK performance between intelligent robots was developed by Jia Jia from China University of Science and Technology and Chihira Aico from Toshiba Corporation in Japan. Both are beautiful women, and their ratio to real people is 1:1. But in comparison, Jia Jia Mei Ruotian wearing Chinese clothes looks more realistic and attractive, especially with charming eyes.

More importantly, Jia Jia can conduct human-machine dialogue with people on the basis of recognizing people's faces and expressions. Faced with the person in front of her, she can say, "I can talk to you. I can identify faces. I can recognize the gender and age of the person in front of me. I can also detect your facial expressions."

Although Chihira Aico's face value is slightly inferior to Allison's, her IQ is even better. She can not only recognize people's facial expressions, but also has a richer expression. It can express facial expressions like human beings that are happy, sad, angry, etc., so that they can't tell the truth. This seems to have satisfied the level of artificial intelligence that the Turing experiment proposed to achieve human intelligence.

Chihira Aico is equipped with the world's most advanced facial expression system and provides limb movement through 43 pneumatic actuators. There are 15 in the face, 4 in the trunk and 24 in the shoulders and arms. ChihiraAico is more realistic than Jia Jia, and it is more like a human beauty.

There is no doubt that if intelligent robots can serve humanity, people may face difficult choices between Allison and Chihira Aico's PK. The pursuit of Jia Jia, or to greet Chihira Aico, the former is beautiful, white, good figure, the latter is smart, independent, understanding. However, what makes people deeply frightened and entangled is that the PK of intelligent robots and humans will arrive mercilessly, and may even produce the kind of ending that Hawking has said. The invention of artificial intelligence may be the greatest disaster in human history. If not properly managed, machines that think about may end human civilization.

With the current PK of intelligent robots and humans, although the former has many advantages, it is far from human opponents. There are many reasons for this, but the strongest reason is that in deep learning, intelligent robots are just starting to take off. Although the two robots can recognize human facial expressions and make expression responses, it is just like the stage of baby learning. Especially in the study of human culture, rules and regulations and human emotions, intelligent robots are still unable to enter the depths of human hearts.

However, in terms of deep learning, today's humans and intelligent robots are also faced with the task of re-learning. The reason is also the difference in human culture and the evolution (evolution) of human beings. This also means that if the era of universal application of artificial intelligence has arrived, intelligent robots and people will have to learn in depth. In this regard, whether it is better for people, or whether intelligent robots surpass humans, it will take time to answer them.

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