Furnace Carbon Silicon Analyzer Ensures Casting Product Quality

Furnace Carbon Silicon Analyzer Ensures Casting Product Quality

In September 2016, Jiangmen Casting Co., Ltd. introduced a set of TS-6 pre-molten hot metal carbon silicon analyzer from Nanjing Kirin Scientific Instrument Group. The technician of Nanjing Kirin Instrument Group spotted the pre-hot metal carbon content of the furnace in cast iron. The former hot metal carbon-silicon analyzer fully demonstrated the stability of its performance and the accuracy of the measured values. The detected carbon content was within 0.05 and the silicon content was within 0.08. The sample was poured into the oven and the result was solved. Within two minutes, all the problems were solved, the quality of molten iron was ensured, the work efficiency was improved, and the cost and time for the test were reduced. Since the cooperation between Jiangmen Casting Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Kirin in 2013, we have confirmed the product quality of Kirin Group and the two parties have reached a long-term cooperation vision and goals!


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Jiangmen Casting Co., Ltd. mainly produces and sells castings, cast steel and other products. Main castings, cast iron, cast copper, cast aluminum, cast stainless steel, water pumps, sand pumps, mud pumps, etc. The introduction of a TS-6 furnace carbon silicon analyzer before and in harsh environments does not affect the accuracy of the molten iron measurement data. The rigorous working attitude and skillful casting process create a first-class casting product quality, coupled with the real-time monitoring of the front silicon carbide instrument, laying a solid foundation for the industry pioneer in the current low-lying period.


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The front furnace hot metal carbon silicon analyzer is the Kirin Science Instrument Group after years of research and the use of more than 3,000 casting companies, Jiangmen Casting Co., Ltd. mainly detects cast iron carbon and silicon elements, with higher measurement accuracy, more stable performance, advanced domestic generation The furnace hot metal quality management instrument solves the problem of the quality control of the molten iron in front of the furnace for the majority of foundry companies, and has become a good helper for the foundry's furnace.

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November 17, 2016

EJ industry is a professional manufacturer who specializes in production for low pressure cast iron and ductile iron valves.

The company has a total investment of 7 million US Dollars and it is covering an area of 44000 square meters. The area of building is 35000 square meters. The company has a modernized production workshop and  production equipments, it's productivity is 12000 ton of valves per year.

The company has 300 stuff, among whom over 90 are technical college or above school record, 40 are intermediate above technical title stuff, and 120 are senior technical staff in the company.

The company has the independent research and development ability, and it also can carry on  the design and the production according to customer's request. The company has over years experience in exporting valves. The main products are BS 5163/ DIN3352 F4/F5 / AWWA C509 and socket end resilient Gate valve, BS750 Hydrant, BS5153(L/W) brass seal Swing Check Valve, BS5163 brass seat Gate Valve, BS5152 brass seal cut-off valve, Y-strainer, etc. Our products have been exported to Europe, American, Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia.

The company has been certified with PED/CE, ISO9001:2008,  WRAS and SIL.

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