Four Development Trends 2016 China Commercial Vehicle Expo

100,000 square meters of exhibition area, more than 900 exhibitors, 654 first-day commercial vehicle turnover, nearly 120 million yuan turnover, off-road and stunt show, 2 million square meters of Xixin Automobile Park Numerous exhibition cars...

On October 29, the second day of development, Xiexin Automobile Park sold a total of 321 new cars, with sales of 55.21 million yuan. At the exhibition site, a total of 13 models of various models were sold, with a sales volume of 2.27 million yuan, and 295 sales contracts were driven, with a sales volume of 308 units.

This is the grand occasion of the 2016 China Commercial Vehicle Expo.

Stunt show

At the same time, the "Commercial Vehicles and Urban Development Summit Forum" jointly organized by the China Automobile Dealers Association, the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce, and the Banan District People's Government of Chongqing Municipality was also held concurrently.

At the meeting, Song Min, executive deputy head of the Banan District government in Chongqing, stated: "In recent years, Chongqing has vigorously implemented the development strategy of the five major functional areas and has made every effort to promote ten strategic emerging industries. Banan District is the 9th district of Chongqing's main city. One of them, after years of development, has already owned a number of auto companies such as Changan Suzuki and Xiexin Automobile. Commercial vehicle trading volume accounts for half of Chongqing's total.

Statement by Song Hao, Executive Deputy Governor of Banan District, Chongqing City

With the rapid development of domestic logistics, express delivery, and transportation, he believes that the commercial vehicle market has played a supporting role in the development of the city, and the commercial vehicle market has gradually become an important industry for the development of various regions and plays an important role in the circulation of commerce and trade. At present, more than 70% of goods, people flow, and logistics basically have to be transported by road to meet transportation needs. “In the case of a finer division of labor in the circulation industry, how fast and efficient the circulation of production materials will determine the economic and social development of the city. Commercial vehicles are an important undertaking for trade flows, urban construction, and logistics, and are important production materials for the promotion of economic and social development. This year, as the demand of the market continues to increase, the sales volume of commercial vehicles continues to climb, and there is tremendous room for development and market potential."

In addition, Feng Hao, researcher of the National Development and Reform Commission’s Comprehensive Transport Committee, said that from the perspective of the 12th Five-Year Plan, the network of transport network facilities was initially established, the quality of transport services had been upgraded overall, and the level of manufacturing of freight vehicles had also been greatly improved, making the entire industry The smart, green, and development achievements are even more pronounced. “From the perspective of transport services, we will accelerate the integration of transportation services, improve the rational connection and orderly operation of the passages and hubs, and ensure efficient freight and transportation efficiency. There will be more visible and rapid development in intercity, urban and rural areas, cities and rural areas. ."

Speech by Zhong Junping, Secretary-General of Commercial Vehicles Association of China Automobile Dealers Association

As for the future development trend of the commercial vehicle market, he believes that due to market factors and the influence of the environment, many regulations and policies are not yet mature, and serialization and standardization of commercial vehicles will become increasingly clear. “In the future, the standard vehicles that are compatible with the mode of transport organization, public transport vehicles in different grades and types of cities, and special vehicles for urban distribution will gradually be serialized to meet the needs of urban development in different regions and states. standardization."

XiXin Automobile Park

The second is the specialization and intelligence of vehicles. “Dedicated vehicles will also be the main development direction in the future. For example, standard management of cold chain vehicles, vehicle operation information management systems, and intelligent equipment.”

The third is to improve the safety and environmental protection of vehicles. New energy vehicles and clean energy vehicles are also a major development trend in the future of commercial vehicles. "As the level of technology continues to increase, the flexibility and agility of the vehicle are far beyond imagination. There is no difference with the car. However, product safety and reliability have become one of the concerns of the industry. The new energy bus has caught fire and spontaneous combustion. Such accidents occur frequently. Therefore, during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the state will put forward higher requirements and standards for vehicle safety."

The fourth is the improvement of management systems and services. "For the management of vehicle overloads and overruns, it is not only necessary to rely on the country's existing system. Product technology and standards also need to be further improved."

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