Shaanxi Auto New Energy Heavy Truck Shine 2017 18th China International Natural Gas Vehicle Refueling Station Equipment Exhibition

As we all know, natural gas is a clean energy source. Diversification, cleanliness, high efficiency, and low carbonization of energy are our national energy policies. The development of the natural gas transportation industry is one of the concrete manifestations. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, natural gas will become the main power source for China's transportation. The most promising of these are the natural gas for automobiles and ships. The total consumption will reach 290 billion cubic meters by 2020. In the past two years, China's natural gas auto industry has experienced unprecedented trials. With the implementation of the "One Belt and One Road" development strategy, China's natural gas vehicle industry has been upgraded and renewed, creating a brilliant new development journey for natural gas vehicles and shipbuilding industries.

From April 6 to 8, the 18th China International Natural Gas Vehicle Refueling Equipment Exhibition took place at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. This global elite event for the purpose of advocating new types of clean energy has attracted nearly 500 well-known companies from home and abroad, including natural gas vehicles, natural gas vehicle engines and Spare Parts, natural gas filling stations and other technologies and equipment. One of the world's largest, most influential and highest-level industry fairs.

Shaanxi Auto, as one of the commercial vehicle companies that started the R&D of natural gas products in China earlier, has always played the role of “leader” in the field of natural gas heavy truck manufacturing. At this exhibition, Shaanxi Auto heavy trucks will carry two heavy natural gas trucks – the DeLong X3000 LNG high horsepower tractor and the new environmentally friendly muck. The large horsepower, energy-saving, safe, and intelligent Shaanxi Gas natural gas heavy truck will be exhibited at this exhibition. Has caused widespread concern.

As an advocate and promoter of the energy-saving and new-energy automotive industry, Shaanxi Automobile is actively committed to the sustainable development of the social economy. The DeLong X3000 lightweight LNG high-powered tractors exhibited at this time adopted the first 13-liter high horsepower gas engine in China, which is mainly applicable to the logistics of standard loading, high horsepower, direct gear and small speed ratio to increase the economic speed, and drastically improve transportation. Efficiency and gas consumption, while the aluminum shell gearbox, less leaf spring, single atmospheric bottle, etc. to meet the conditions of use under a reasonable weight reduction, Tianxingjian intelligent configuration allows customers to ride more comfortable, more assured operation, once again create natural gas Heavy truck new era.

As we all know, the reduction of PM2.5 emissions from natural gas vehicle exhausts by 100% has greatly improved the emission quality of tail gas, reduced the emission of solid particles, and thus reduced the haze source. Shaanxi Automobile Delong F300LNG new environmental muck is mainly used for transportation of construction waste, garbage, earthwork, gravel and other urban construction dregs. The car integrates environmental protection, safety and intelligence into one, and the new structure of sealed environmental protection car is effective. Solve problems such as throwing, dust, omissions, etc., with blind area monitoring system, with voice prompts, to ensure traffic safety while also a city of blue sky, not only redefine the city's new standards for dregs, but also become a weapon to get rid of haze. .

In addition to the entire vehicle demonstration, Shaanxi Automobile also specially displayed a new product of a large-volume LNG cylinder newly developed by its subsidiary Xi'an Desen. The cylinder has four major advantages: 1. Lower cost and weight; 2. Compared to single-layer cylinders. Increased aeration volume, extended mileage of a single filling of the car; 3, double gas cylinder valves with large gas supply volume have simple piping, easy operation, less leakage points, low maintenance cost, and are safer and more reliable; 4. The center of gravity of single-layer cylinders is reduced to improve the stability of vehicles.

During the exhibition, there was a continuous stream of on-site visitors. Yao Mingde, the former president of the China Road Transport Association, made a special trip to the Shaanxi Auto Show to learn more about the sales of Shaanxi Natural Gas Products. The product gave a high evaluation and praised Shaanxi Automobile for its contribution and contribution to the development of natural gas vehicles. China's active development of natural gas vehicles is not only an important deployment of the country's energy development strategy, but also an inevitable choice for the automotive industry to adhere to the concept of green development and promote the cleanliness of automotive fuels. It is hoped that Shaanxi Auto can seize the favorable opportunity to use natural gas heavy trucks to build beautiful China. Make new contributions.

In the same period, the 2017 international gas vehicle and ship innovation and development seminar was also held to discuss the status and trends of China's natural gas development policy and new opportunities for the development of natural gas in 2017. Leaders, industry leaders, experts and companies from natural gas vehicles related fields Executives attended the event. Wang Huadong, director of the Institute of Special Vehicles of Shaanxi Heavy Industry Research Institute, was also invited to attend the forum and introduced the development prospects of LNG heavy trucks to the guests. Under the leadership of Shaanxi Auto, China's natural gas heavy trucks and their industries are continuously developing and expanding, and they have rapidly changed the industrial structure of China's heavy-duty trucks and new energy sources. Shaanxi Auto has successfully developed new energy products such as LNG and CNG fuel heavy-duty trucks, passenger car chassis, and micro-electric axles. It has a number of patented technologies and gradually formed an industrialized structure. At the same time, Shaanxi Automobile continued to break new ground in the research and development of new energy products and continued to achieve technological innovation.

While domestic heavy truck companies see natural gas heavy trucks as a new growth point, Shaanxi Automobile has always been at the forefront of the industry. In addition, Shaanxi Auto has always maintained the top position in the natural gas sector due to its rapid promotion and commercialization. As an advocate and promoter of the energy-saving and new-energy automotive industry, Shaanxi Auto has made commercial use of energy-saving and new energy technologies. The automotive field has first-rate technology and product development advantages. It has 38 LNG heavy-duty patented technologies and has undertaken the national 863 new energy commercial vehicle development project. It has new energy commercial vehicle system integration and core component development capabilities. In the LNG, methanol, dimethyl ether and other energy-saving heavy trucks market share of more than 45%; pure electric terminal tractor successfully entered the US market, to achieve a breakthrough in China's heavy truck products in developed markets in Europe and America.

In the continuous innovation of technology, Shaanxi Natural Gas Heavy-duty Trucks achieved a leap-forward development. For the future, Shaanxi Automobile has started a new strategic thinking. During the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, Shaanxi Auto took the responsibility of exporting high-quality new energy heavy trucks and was determined to make China's natural gas heavy truck bigger and stronger, and set off a beautiful China.

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