Cracking the corn planting structure, Shanxi's grain supply side reform has achieved results

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] In the spring broadcast, Yuanping City, Shanxi Province reduced the average corn planting area of ​​farmers by one-fifth. This is a microcosm of the reform of the grain supply side in Shanxi Province. Shanxi Province is one of China's major corn producing provinces. 2016 is the first year of China's supply-side structural reform. “Removing corn high stocks” is the main line of grain supply reform. Shanxi corn planting area has continued to grow for 16 years. Less.
Cracking the corn planting structure, Shanxi's grain supply side reform has achieved results
According to a new survey by the Shanxi Survey Team of the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2016, the area of ​​corn that occupied half of the grain crops in Shanxi was 24,371,300 mu, a decrease of 786,600 mu from the same period of the previous year and a year-on-year decrease of 3.11%. Liu Chuan, a staff member of the Agricultural Investigation Department of the Shanxi Survey Corps of the National Bureau of Statistics, said that supply-side reforms and falling corn prices are the main reasons for the decline in corn plantings in Shanxi.
Since 2016, Shanxi has actively promoted the adjustment of agricultural planting structure and guided farmers to reduce the area of ​​ordinary corn planting in non-advantageous areas. According to the survey, the corn planting area in Shanxi's Zhangzhou, Zhangzhou and Datong areas is greatly reduced.
At the same time as cracking the traditional planting structure of “corn alone”, as the main producing area of ​​potato, Shanxi's potato planting area has increased significantly under the policy of promoting the “main grain” of potato. According to the survey data, the potato planting area in Shanxi was 2,742,200 mu in 2016, an increase of 235,100 mu over the previous year, an increase of 9.38%. At present, Shanxi has gradually formed three major potato industrial belts, Yanmenguan, Taihang Mountain and Luliang Mountain.

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