What are the characteristics and uses of multifunctional dust suppression vehicles?

What are the features and uses of multi-function dust suppression vehicles? Multi-function dust suppression vehicles are mainly suitable for use in places with severe air pollution, such as smog or coal dust, smelting plants, thermal power plants, etc. place. The multifunctional dust suppression vehicle combines sprinkler and spray functions. It can use spray cannon to spray fine mist on airborne suspended matter at high altitude and long distance, bring pollutants to the ground to restore air quality, and can also carry out road flushing and greening. Spraying, watering, spraying, emergency firefighting, pumping drainage, etc.

The multifunctional dust suppression vehicle is a special vehicle that suppresses dust pollution by spraying spraying liquids such as dust suppression curing agents. It mainly serves railways, roads and other dusty places. In terms of structure, the multifunctional dust suppression vehicle is mainly composed of a swing arm spray device, a liquid storage tank, a self-propelled vehicle, and a control system. Dongfeng multifunctional sprinkler, diesel generator set, scissor lift, spray system device, water pump and supporting motor, automatic horizontal rotation device, special spray arm device with leakproof spoon, electronic control system device, video monitoring system device, flow display device , Liquid level display device, hand-held remote control, spray safety warning light and night operation lighting device, pipe supply device, thawing device and other components.

The multifunctional dust suppression car is based on Dongfeng's original chassis and is equipped with electric water pump, pipeline, flow control system, diesel generator set, electric control box, remote control device, lifting system, spray arm and nozzle, etc. to form a complete dust removal and curing. Agent device. Multi-functional dust suppression vehicles are widely used in the prevention of dust pollution during transportation of other bulk materials, as well as slag yards, coal storage yards, construction sites, automobile coal transportation dust, sand stabilization, iron and steel building materials, cement, and various kinds of ecological slope protection for open storage yards of enterprises. .

The multifunctional dust control vehicle is mainly used for the transportation of coal ash particles and dust pollution in railway coal transportation. It is also widely used in the prevention of dust pollution during the transportation of other bulk materials and the slag yard, coal storage yard, and construction. Construction site, automobile transportation dust, sand fixation, iron and steel building materials, cement, various open material yards for enterprises, ecological slope protection, etc.

Multi-functional dust suppression vehicles are widely used in municipal environmental protection and smog serious cities and coal mines, steel mills, power plants, ore terminals and other raw material yards, demolition and construction sites, roads and other dust-dense open spaces, can also be used for irrigation and water saving irrigation , spraying and killing, cooling, fire and so on. The water droplets can reach the molecular shape, the range can reach 25-120 meters, self-produced generator set, power 50-150KW, with the basic functions of the sprinkler, forward, after the sprinkler, the platform sprinkler. The rear of the car is equipped with water tanks and wind cannons, which are mainly used to suppress roads, square dust, etc., and can adjust the spray distance, angle and size of water spray. The dust reduction effect in local areas is extremely obvious.

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