The advantages of communicating insecticidal lamps in green agriculture

In the development of green agriculture, pesticides are very backward, and they are completely incompatible with the pest control methods of green agriculture. Therefore, they must be eliminated. The new pest control methods must also be scientific, green and environmentally friendly. Therefore, the vigorous promotion and application of the communication insecticidal lamp can play an important role in promoting the development of green agriculture. The advantages in green agriculture are very significant.

AC insect killer

The AC insect killer utilizes the phototaxis of insects to trap and kill insect pests, which can effectively reduce pesticide residues and avoid environmental pollution. Taking pest control of vegetables as an example, Spodoptera exigua is a polyphagous pest that harms vegetables such as beets, scallions, cabbages, and radishes. According to surveys, the rate of culprit plants is 70%, and the rate of damaged plants of Chinese cabbage and radish is about 20%. Heavily occurring in vegetable cultivation, and Spodoptera exigua and Plutella xylostella, Pieris rapae, Plutella xylostella and other pests mixed, seriously affecting the yield and quality of vegetables. Therefore, in order to prevent and control vegetables and insect pests effectively and at the same time ensure that the green and non-polluted vegetables are produced, scientific measures have been taken to control the damage and increase production in vegetable production. This is to introduce and promote the new technology of frequency-vibration insecticidal lamps and comprehensive management of pests. It not only reduced the amount of chemical pesticides used, effectively protected natural enemies, but also protected the ecological environment, maintained the ecological balance, and ensured the quality of agricultural products.

The communication insecticidal lamp is a powerful weapon for controlling pests. It adopts a green ecological insecticide method and is applied to green agricultural production. It has good ecological and social benefits. At present, the exchange of insecticidal lamps has become a good helper in the construction of ecological agriculture. It has promoted the construction of green agriculture in various regions, increased the added value of agricultural products, improved the quality and safety of vegetable and grain, and helped to produce fruits and vegetables that consumers can trust. Promote the development of ecological agriculture, it is worthy of promotion and application in green agricultural production.

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