Flotation and examples of a single silver mine

(1) The main method of flotation recovery of silver . From the multi-metal ores associated silver recovery, silver is often concentrated in the flotation concentrate, to be recovered in the smelting silver.

For silver-based ores, the silver minerals are often enriched by a re-floating combined process or a single flotation process, and then the silver concentrate is re-used and chemically extracted.

(2) Flotation example. A silver mine in China is a low-temperature hydrothermal multi-metallic silver deposit. The metal minerals in the ore are mainly silver-silver or spiro-silver-silver ore, followed by natural silver. Associated with a small amount of copper, lead, zinc, sulfur, sulfides and oxides, metallic minerals accounted for 1.16%, the major gangue of quartz, feldspar and small amounts, sericite, etc., accounting for 98.84% of all minerals, ores of copper, Lead, zinc and sulfur minerals have a coarser grain size, while silver minerals have a finer grain size, generally between 0.074 and 0.005 mm. They are closely related to sulfide minerals and gangues, and good silver flotation is required. The index must be finely ground to recover silver by the combined process of flotation-flotation concentrate and re-*. The flotation process is simple, and a grinding process with controlled grading is adopted to control the graded overflow fineness to -200 mesh and 70%. ~80%, flotation is a coarse and fine second sweep operation, flotation concentrate is removed and then leached.

Flotation agent: xanthate 50 ~ 70g / t; black medicine 60 ~ 80g / t; 2nd oil 10 ~ 20g / t

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