Fujian Provincial Institute of Quality Supervision, Provincial Bureau of Science and Technology Project Research Achievements reached Domestic Advanced Level

[China Instrument Network Instrument Research and Development] The Quality Supervision Bureau of Fujian Province undertook the Provincial Scientific and Technological Planning Project "Single-output AC-DC external power supply energy efficiency and energy-saving automatic detection system" passed the acceptance, the research results have reached the domestic advanced level.

At present, testing of energy efficiency and energy-saving projects by external power supplies mainly depends on manual operations, which results in large errors in test results due to the long test flow and the large number of recorded data. The system can measure the average efficiency and no-load power of the external power supply, calculate the limited value of energy efficiency and energy-saving evaluation value, determine the conclusion and save the data. It has good reproducibility and high reliability, and realizes the automatic detection function.
The system can automatically detect and automatically determine the average efficiency of the external power supply and the no-load power according to the standard of GB 20943-2013. The detection efficiency and accuracy are greatly improved. At the same time, the system can eliminate human interference in the detection process, work stable, good repeatability, with strong practicality and application value.
(Original title: Research Achievements of Science and Technology Projects of a Provincial Bureau of Fujian Provincial Quality Inspection Institute reached the domestic advanced level)

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