Installation location of gas alarm

Gas alarm is a gas leak detection and alarm instrument. When a flammable or toxic gas leaks in an industrial environment and the gas alarm detects that the gas concentration reaches the critical point set by the bao explosion or poisoning alarm, the alarm will issue an alarm signal to remind the work to take safety measures and drive the exhaust, Cut off and spray the system to prevent bao explosion, fire and poisoning accidents, thus ensuring safe production.
The industrial fixed gas alarm is composed of an alarm controller and a detector. The controller can be placed in the duty room, which mainly controls each monitoring point. The detector is installed at the location where the gas is most likely to leak. Its core component is the built-in gas Sensor, the sensor detects the concentration of gas in the air.
Installation location
a. Places directly affected by steam and oil fumes;
b. Places with large air flow such as air inlets, ventilating fans, and room doors;
c. Where there is a lot of water vapor and water droplets (relative humidity: ≥90%RH);
d. Where the temperature is below -40℃ or above 55℃;
e. Where there is a strong electromagnetic field.
1. The detector should be installed in a place where the gas is easy to leak, and the specific position should be determined according to the proportion of the detected gas relative to the air.
2. When the specific gravity of the detected gas is greater than the specific gravity of air, the detector should be installed at a distance of (30~60) cm from the ground, and the position of the sensor should be downward.
3. In order to use the detector correctly and prevent the detector from malfunctioning, please do not install it in the following locations:

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