Use the soil test formula fertilization instrument to output the formula and let the land "eat on demand"

From the application of farm fertilizer to the later compound fertilizer, people find that the land seems to be more and more difficult to "follow", and the effect of fertilization is getting worse and worse, but it is not the case in fact. The rule of fertilizer requirement. In recent years, the soil testing formula fertilization strongly advocated is based on soil testing and fertilizer field trials. According to the fertilizer demand of the crop, the soil fertilization performance and the fertilizer effect, various elemental chemical fertilizers (or) compound fertilizers are used as raw materials to prepare The fertilizer is suitable for specific areas and specific crops to achieve more precise fertilization. The output of the soil testing formula mainly depends on the soil testing formula fertilization instrument .

Why is precision fertilization an important fertilization measure in the future? Because the higher the crop yield, the more trace element nutrients taken away, and the increase in the use of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers has exacerbated the contradiction in the supply of trace elements, the amount of organic fertilizers has been reduced, and it is difficult to supplement the trace element nutrients. From the perspective of nutrient balance and balanced fertilization, on the basis of increasing the application of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, the rational application of other micro-fertilizers will be an important fertilization measure in the future. The important point of precise fertilization is to fully understand the soil nutrient abundance. The soil testing formula fertilization instrument has a powerful soil nutrient detection function, which can scientifically detect soil nutrients and comprehensively understand the soil nutrient abundance and obstacles. In addition, the instrument also has a built-in soil testing formula program, which stores 73 nutrients needed for the growth and development of crops, which can easily calculate the output formula, so as to "appropriate medicine" in fertilization and improvement, to overcome the fertilizer waste caused by blind fertilization , Increased production costs, environmental pollution and many other contradictions.

At present, there is no way to establish a professional soil nutrient testing laboratory with the field in the vast grass-roots areas of our country. Therefore, the soil nutrient determination is mainly carried out by means of rapid measuring instruments such as soil measuring and fertilizing instruments. Application has made up for the shortage of detection technology and professionals in grass-roots areas, which has greatly promoted the development of soil testing and formula fertilization technology, which is of great significance for improving fertilizer utilization, reducing production costs, improving yield, protecting agricultural ecological environment, etc. .

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