High efficiency charge pump with I2C interface

The TPS60250 can drive up to five white LED's main display and two white LED's sub display, which can adjust the constant current size to maintain the consistency of the intensity. TPS60250 with adaptive charge pump mode and very low dropout current regulator, in the single lithium-ion battery input voltage range to achieve a very high conversion efficiency. I2C provides four enable inputs to simplify the on-off control of individual displays. To reduce the operating current when using a secondary display LED, the device also provides fully independent operation in the secondary display LED. Features: 3 ~ 6V input voltage range; 1x and 1.5x charge pump; I2C supports fully programmable current; 64 dimming step, the maximum 25mA (main and sub display group); 4 dimming step, the maximum 80mA (DM5 for auxiliary applications); Sub-LED current match up to 2% (100μA each) at light loads; 750kHz charge pump frequency; continuous 230mA maximum output current; x mode switching; built-in soft-start and current limit function; turn-on detection; 16-pin 3mm × 3mm QFN package.

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