Ignition for Geo Prizm & Toyota Corolla Factory in China (17481)

Model NO.: 17481, 228000-0890
Rotation: Cw
Power: 1.4kw
Company Type: Manufacture
Trademark: Xingyao Starter
Specification: 12V 9 teeth, CW, 1.2kw
Origin: Changzhou, China
HS Code: 850300909

1. Starter - Nippondenso PMGR

    1.4kW, 12 Volt, 9Teeth  CW

    Used on:  GEO prizm & Toyota Corolla

2, Starter detail information

Lester Code Volt Teeth Rotation Power OEM Code reference Application
17481 12 9 CW 1.4kw 228000-0890 GEO Prizm, Toyota Corolla

3. Quality: Genuine, Original, Replacement A/B level

Place of origin City: Changzhou, China mainland

Brand name: Xingyao starter

Company profile:

Founded in 1988, Jiangsu Xingyao Motor Co.Ltd.

Focus on motor starter production for 28 years.

We are the OEM manufacture and exporter of Changchai,Quanchai, Jiangdong diesel engine starters. Recent years, we also developed many car starters especially the starters for Nippon denso replacement.

For any enquiries, you can just send with part number, part name and parts quantity to us, we will quote you our best and precise prices. If you are not clear of part numbers, we can also quote with vehicle details.

More starters we are producing:
No Lester OEM code WAI Application
1 17998 428000-3390 2-3140ND HONDA FIT L4 1.5L
2 17957 42800-3410 2-3064-ND HONDA CIVIC L4 1.8L
3 17845 428000-0320 2-2331-ND HONDA ACCORD L4 1.7L
4 18413 428000-1160 2-2889-ND KUBOTA ZD25,ZD28
5 18417 228000-7480 2-1383-ND KOBOTA 1G023-63010
6 17084 128000-4960 2-1011-ND-1 DAKOTA V6 3.9L
7 16906 028000-932 2-1195-ND HONDA ACCORD L4 2.0L
8 16878 128000-2040 2-1841-ND ISUZU AMIGO L4 2.3L
9 17703 228000-646 2-1837-ND HONDA CR-V L4 2.0L
10 17671 228000-3753 2-2057-ND TOYOTA 4 RUNNER V6 3.4L
11 17805 228000-8540 2-1193-ND TOYOTA ECHO L4 1.5L
12 16739 028000-5060 2-1055-ND ISUZU PICKUP L4 1.6L
13 16893 128000-347 2-1064-ND TOYOTA CAMRY V6 2.5L
14 17002 128000-534 2-1901-ND TOYOTA CORALLA L4 1.6L
15 17487 228000-1150
16 16650 028000-4990
17 16737 228000-7560 2-1034-ND TOYOTA 4 RUNNER L4 2.4L
18 16828 028000-8220 2-1040-ND TOYOTA LANDCRUISER L6 4.2L
19 16831 128000-9730 2-1614-ND TOYOTA PICKUP L4 2.4L
20 16833 028000-9260

21 16878 128000-1900
22 17020 128000-3500 2-1393-ND DODGE CARAVAN V6 3L
23 17091 128000-6210 2-1410-ND CHEVROLET CORVETTE V8 5.7L
24 17493 228000-2890 2-1702-ND-1 TOYOTA PICKUP L4 2.4L
25 17197 128000-7140 2-1382-ND-1 DODGE CARAVAN V6 3L
26 17202 128000-7000 2-1200-ND GEO STORM L4 1.6L
27 17516 228000-2050 2-1714-ND-1 ACURA INTEGRA L4 1.8L
28 17215 128000-4910 2-1397-ND-1 DODGE PICKUP L6 5.9L
29 17240 128000-7560 2-1197-ND ISUZU AMIGO L4 2.6L
30 17256 128000-8350 2-1405-ND TOYOTA CORAOLLA L4 1.6L
31 17259 128000-9300 2-1070-ND LEXUS SC300 L6 3L
32 17263 128000-9710 2-1404-ND-1 LEXUSES300 V6 3L
33 17242 128000-8320 2-1215-ND SUBARU LEGACY H4 2.2L
34 17825 228000-9900 2-2212-ND LEXUS ES300 V6 3L
35 17423 128000-8210 2-1073-ND TOYOTA PREVIA L4 2.4L
36 17460 228000-0360 2-1527-ND CHEVROLET CORVETTE V6 3.3L
37 17464 128000-9750 2-1528-ND HONDA CIVIC L4 1.5L
38 17465 228000-0470 2-1695-ND-2 CHRYSLER IMPERIAL V6 3.8L
39 17466 128000-7810

The order you most care:

A: Lead time: up to your order quantity, regular OEM starter, we have stock. We can deliver after your payment.  Normally 7 days for air order, 20-30 days for sea order based on containers information.

B: Packing detail: each product will be packed in individual box with label of all information (such as part
number, part name in English or Spanish or Russian or Arabic and Chinese) on it, or as per to your

request.  The boxes will be packed in carton, cartons will be packed in wooden cases or pallet . Heavy parts, light parts and fragile parts will be packed separately by plywood box.

C: Payment terms: T/T, LC, small order also accepted by Western Union, Paypal, Cash

D: Warranty: 1 year

Factory Video:  https://youtu.be/nx33bLQVUPw

Welcome to visit our factory.

Welcome to send inquiry to us! 

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