Shangchai Power Leads China III Engine Market

On November 14, Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shangchai) held a National III Engine Product Promotion Conference in Fuzhou. At the meeting, the reporter learned that at present, more than 200 buses in Fuzhou have been using Shangchai’s National III engine.

It is reported that Shangchai now leads the China III engine market with multiple characteristics of its electronically controlled common-rail diesel engine. At the same time, Shangchai Power is the only domestic manufacturer capable of mass-producing heavy-duty, electric-controlled common-rail State III diesel engines, and is developing and producing diesel engines. Many valuable experiences have been accumulated in maintenance and other areas. Among them, the Shangchai Co., Ltd. series of electronically controlled high-pressure common-rail diesel engine with its distinctive features, wide applicability has become the first choice for domestic commercial vehicle companies.

Zhang Qi, deputy general manager of Shangchai told reporters: “The prospects of the State III market are broad, especially in the city bus market, Shangchai can do a great job. On the journey of using the State III engine to liberate the national commercial vehicle market, Shang Chai has a long The way to go is a long-term plan, and it is a long and hard road. I believe that Shangchai will be able to step out of the broader sky in the future and make greater contributions to the Chinese engine business."

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