Conair High Performance Dryer Available

The United States Cornell Group has launched the new Carousel Plus dryer for the first time at the China International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition. The machine was produced by Cornell and a sister company, Swedish Raptor Shredder Co., Ltd., which was established one year ago. The mill is designed to produce raw material processing and processing equipment for the East Asian market.
According to reports, the two new dryers introduced this time, one is a standard central type, the dry volume is designed to be 60-200 kilograms per hour; the other is a mobile drying and conveying system, the amount of dry per hour is 5 ~60 kg. The mobile drying and conveying system integrates the dryer, drying bucket and suction hopper in a convenient trolley, which greatly improves the operational flexibility.
Unlike traditional tower-type molecular sieve dryers, the new dryer uses a molecular sieve desiccant. The desiccant is crystallized by special techniques into a wheel composed of a fiberglass substrate, and the wheel keeps turning. This simple design makes the dryer easier to operate and maintain, as well as more energy efficient. At the same time, the structure of the dryer is more compact, and the quality is only 85% of the ordinary dryer. (Gu Dingyu)

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