Brazilian President Lula Criticizes U.S. for Producing Ethanol from Corn

According to Southern Television, Brazilian President Lula, who is visiting Ghana yesterday, criticized the United States for producing ethanol from corn.
Lula said that these products can be used as food and should not be used to produce biofuels. He criticized the United States for ethanol production and warned that the choice of the United States caused corn prices to rise, causing supply problems in countries like Mexico that rely on corn. The American biofuels policy is a mistake to use corn to produce ethanol. However, Lula refuted the sharp criticism recently put forward by international agencies that the responsibility for the rise of world food prices lies in the production of biofuels. He believes that the price of food has risen by 45% in the past nine months, and its fault is caused more by the increase in transportation costs after oil price increases. What is strange is that no one criticized biofuels when nobody criticized oil prices rising from $30 to $103 per barrel.
The President of Brazil maintains the production of clean energy. He believes that this is an opportunity for poor countries to develop. He denies that this will cause problems in the production of food. It is possible that Brazil is testing the production of ethanol and increasing agricultural production, especially grain.

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