Take the pulse and grasp the Chinese medical electronics market

The compound annual growth rate of the medical electronics market surpasses the currently highly explosive areas of automotive electronics and wireless communications. The proportion of China’s medical electronics market in the world also increases year by year, accounting for only 4% in 2006, but it can reach 9% in 2013. proportion. The prosperity of the Chinese medical market is related to the strong input of the Chinese government. In 2009, the Chinese government spent a total of 850 billion yuan to invest in medical reforms, of which approximately 3.2 billion will eventually be directly invested in the procurement of medical electronic equipment. This will create a great stimulus or impact on the entire medical electronics industry. In the procurement of new medical equipment, the willingness of the traditional top-three hospitals to purchase new equipment is not particularly large. On the contrary, relatively small hospitals have greater purchasing power and their policies tend to be more obvious.

According to iSuppli's data, in China's medical electronic equipment market, imaging applications account for the largest proportion, the most influential is the CT machine, and upwards is the nuclear magnetic resonance, as well as X-ray and B-ultrasound, the growth of color ultrasound is very large, X Light is not used much in big cities, but X-rays are very important means of detection in second- and third-tier cities. Consumers, such as sphygmomanometers, blood glucose meters, hearing aids, and heartbeat tests, have grown very fast, but growth has slowed slightly since 2009. This is due to the impact of cottage products. In addition, the growth of patient monitors is also very fast, but most of them are exported and rely on overseas markets. We hope that it can gradually transfer to the domestic market.

How to take the pulse and grasp China's medical electronics market? The 2011 International Medical Electronics Innovation Forum will try to give an answer.

On March 15, 2011, Messe Munich International will hold the "International Medical Electronic Innovation Forum" again during the "Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair." At the appointed time, industry leaders and senior experts will share the design of medical imaging systems, patient monitoring and telemedicine monitoring system design, consumer and home care electronic equipment system design, medical instrumentation solutions, power solutions for medical electronic equipment, and embedded The application of intelligent platform in medical electronic equipment and other hot technology and system design ideas for many medical electronic applications. It is expected that the number of participants will reach 300. Now that the speech report has started recruitment, the deadline for submission of information in Chinese and English topics and speakers is December 31, 2010.

Recalling the “2010 International Medical Electronics Innovation Forum” held for the first time during the “Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair 2010”, it received a certain degree of repercussions. The Forum invited professors from Zhejiang University, Ph.D., and Wang Ping, director of the Biomedical Measurement Branch of the Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering. Several scholars and experts, such as ADI, SII Seiko Instruments, Xilinx, Avnet, iSuppli, shared their latest research results. Nearly 200 audiences attended the event, of which 57% were product design and R&D personnel, and also included market analysis, project management, academic research, teaching, business management, product testing, equipment maintenance, technical support, procurement, quality certification and other technical personnel.

"International Medical Electronics Innovation Forum" is one of the "Innovation Forum for Munich Electronics Shanghai" during the same period. As the most important professional exhibition in the Chinese electronics industry, the 2010 “Munich Shanghai Electronics Show” successfully attracted 380 exhibitors and 32,125 spectators.

2011 coincides with the tenth anniversary of the "Munich Shanghai Electronics Show". The "International Medical Electronics Innovation Forum" and "Medical e-community" will join hands in the form of an organic combination of exhibitions and seminars to gather, produce, and research elites and build China. First-rate medical electronic exchange platform.

“International Medical Electronics Innovation Forum” will be held during the 10th “Shanghai Electronics Fair in Munich” from March 15th to 16th, 2011 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, Hall E1 and E2. We look forward to more insights. Sheng Sheng move!

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