Indonesia's draft decree on vehicle wheel rims

On June 29, 2010, the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Transport's Transport Equipment and Information Industry Division issued the bulletin G/TBT/N/IDN/40. Title: Draft decree on the mandatory Indonesian national standards SNI 1896:2008 and SNI 4658:2008. It involves the wheel rims of M, N, O vehicles and the wheel rims of L vehicles.
The draft decree stipulates that all the above-mentioned vehicle wheels manufactured and imported domestically, distributed and sold in China should meet the SNI requirements. Manufacturers of these products should have product certifications using the SNI mark and should meet SNI requirements. The product certification of the SNI logo is issued by the product certification body designated by the Ministry of Industry through the following procedures:
a. Product quality inspection based on SNI requirements;
b. Quality Management System (QMS) SNI ISO 9001:2008 and its revised implementation review; other recognized quality management systems;
The inspection was completed by the inspection laboratory designated by the Indonesian Ministry of Industry.
The Ministry of Industry's Transport Equipment and Information Industry Division is the agency responsible for implementing this Act and provides technical guidance for the Act, including the product certification process and the SNI logo. Domestic and imported products required to be distributed in their domestic market shall meet the requirements of the standards SNI 1896:2008 and SNI 4658:2008. The product standard also specifies terms and definitions, quality requirements, sampling, inspection methods, acceptance, marking requirements, and packaging requirements.
The decree proposes approval date: two months after notification. Proposed date of entry into force: 6 months after approval . Final date for comments: 60 days after notification.

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