How does the car "carry a hundred poison" car interior air standard difficult to produce

As of last year, the number of motor vehicle registrations in Wuhan reached 1.07 million, making it another city with more than one million motor vehicles after Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. However, in the face of the upsurge of new cars rolling on the road, what kind of standard is the air quality in the car?

It is understood that China has not introduced mandatory national standards for air quality in cars, and there are no hard constraints on the environmental protection of auto parts and interiors. With the increasing localization of domestic auto parts, some companies have adopted low-quality materials to reduce costs, and the confined carriages have caused many auto production lines to “carry 100 poisons”.

This contrasts with many other countries. "The German automotive internal environment standard" clearly stipulates that benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, etc. contained in automobiles, accessories and other materials must be lower than the "three-grade vehicle interior environmental protection standard", and the toxic air release period must also be passed before the vehicle is sold. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requires that materials used by automobile manufacturers must be declared so that they can be used only after the environmental and human hazard levels reach the lowest point. In Japan, the control standards set by the Automobile Association regulate the environmental indicators of the interior air.

It is understood that China drafted a draft “Container Concentration of Volatile Organic Compounds in the Air of the Vehicle” two years ago. However, in the process of soliciting comments, it was met with resistance from various stakeholders. The relevant parties are concerned that they will raise the level of the automotive industry in China. The threshold of technology impacts the entire industry.

However, the air in the car is a matter of people's health, and the establishment of standards has become a general trend. Right now, some large car companies have started to set internal standards. Li Mingkai, deputy director of the material division of Shenlong Automotive Technology Center, introduced that the company has established standards for air quality control in the car with the French authorities, setting limit values ​​for substances that are smelly, harmful, inaudible but harmful, and non-toxic but that the owner is averse to. , and the types of controlled substances will be increased to 16 based on the 8 substances specified in the "Requirements". Dongfeng and Ford also have corresponding standards, but the standard settings are different.

Li Mingxuan bluntly stated that there are tens of thousands of auto parts and hundreds of materials, and it is not easy to formulate standards. Car manufacturers in accordance with the standard production will inevitably increase the cost, but for the health of consumers, car companies should bear the cost.

Experts from the Wuhan University of Technology’s School of Automotive said that national standards must protect the health of consumers and take care of the technical level of the automotive industry. However, the role of the national standard is irreplaceable. The implementation of the standard will also regulate the automobile production industry and the interior decoration industry, promote technological progress, and have a positive significance for the Chinese automobile industry to go global.

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