Yuchai officially announces the company's new vision and new business philosophy

According to the needs of strategic development of Yuchai Corporation, it aims to build a market-oriented corporate culture, strengthen the integration of sub-cultures and business operations internally, and increase the market customers' awareness of the positioning of Yuchai Corporation's high-end engine segment core companies. Yuchai Co., Ltd. officially released its new vision and new business philosophy on November 20th as the unification of Yuchai’s business ideas and communication appeals.

Among them, the new vision is “Strivetobethemostcompetitiveandprofessionalpowersolutionprovider”. The description of the new vision shows that the company should not only establish a good overall image, but also the products and services in each segment in the future. Form the most competitive advantage. The new business philosophy (Business Philosophy) is "Excellent Power, Globalized Yuchai", which highlights the characteristics of the company's products.

The new vision and new business philosophy of Yuchai Corporation is part of Yuchai Group's subculture system construction. It is a continuous sublimation on the basis of Yuchai's 60 years of cultural conception, and it is a criterion for judging behavioral values ​​and cohesiveness for the future. The new measures are in line with Yuchai Group's vision of “building an internationally-renowned brand, accomplishing a large multinational corporation group”, and operating the business philosophy of “excellent quality and international Yuchai” culture, highlighting the uniqueness of diesel business segment culture and embodying commonalities and individuality. The unity.

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