Sichuan Paper Industry Association Focuses on the 7th Chengdu Chemical Technology Equipment Exhibition 2013

Organizing Committee News: On April 9-11, 2013, Sichuan Paper Industry Association will organize a delegation to visit the 7th China (Chengdu) International Chemical Technology Equipment Exhibition 2013 (ccice2013) and will hold the 2013 Water Pollution Control Project in the same period. Academic exchange meeting "Forum activities.
In order to promote the exchange of Sichuan papermaking industry, strengthen energy conservation and emission reduction, and promote the technological exchanges and cooperation in papermaking chemical engineering, the Paper Association will organize the association to organize relevant member companies to actively participate in ccice2013, and will organize individual members, experts and business units of the association. A professional visiting group will be invited to visit the exchanges and purchases, and will focus on general equipment, industry-specific equipment technology, environmental protection equipment, and various types of pump and valve equipment and other related technical equipment products.
The Chengdu Chemical Technology Equipment Exhibition (ccice2013) is the largest and earliest chemical exhibition in the western region. It was initiated by the Sichuan Economic and Information Technology Commission, the Provincial Chemical Mobile Association and the Sichuan New China Exhibition Company. The exhibition will be held on April 9-11, 2013 at the New International Convention & Exposition Center in Chengdu Century City. (For more details, please pay attention to ccice2013 official website:)

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