Industrial energy-saving market drives inverter machine tool growth

Industrial energy-saving market drives inverter machine tool growth It is estimated that the demand for industrial boilers in the future will be 130,000 units. The market for energy-saving renovation of furnaces, kilns, alloys and steel has exceeded 30 billion yuan. With regard to the recovery and utilization of waste heat and pressure, the two industries in China with mature technologies for waste heat power generation and wide application are cement and glass industries. It is expected that by the year 2015, the domestic cement industry still needs to install about 770 waste heat power station production lines, and the glass industry still needs to install about 210 waste heat power station production lines.

In terms of energy-saving and retrofitting of the motor system, the utilization rate of high-efficiency motors in China is still low, and high-efficiency motors only account for about 1% of the total motor sales, which has great room for development. The inverter market has also grown rapidly in recent years. The compound annual growth rate of the medium- and low-voltage inverter market is 18%, and the compound annual growth rate of the high-voltage inverter market is 40%.

The degree of automation of machine tool products has a crucial influence on the speed and accuracy of the machine tool, and it has also become an important factor in differentiating machine tools. Advanced automation technology and products will undoubtedly become an important direction for the transformation of the machine tool manufacturing industry. Its development potential will certainly be highlighted in this change. The maturity of these technologies is also continuously promoting the performance of machine tools.

In machine tool products, especially high-end machine tool products, automation technology and products are used in almost every part from control agencies and actuators to measurement and feedback agencies. At present, almost all of the automation products used in machine tools and machine tool production lines are New changes have taken place.

In this regard, many cutting-edge automation technology trends have also emerged. Applications such as linear motors and torque motors are a good example. Mazhak, Mori Seiki most specifications of the gantry rails are no longer using rolling guides, and instead of linear motors, THK linear motor under 3000N load, has been able to reach 720m/min speed, it can not be said A breakthrough. Torque motors have previously only been used on small-size machine tools, and they can now be applied to larger and larger machine tools.

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