Huishan Auto Parts Industry Adds New Army

On January 28, Yijie Group (China) Co., Ltd. signed an agreement to invest 150 million yuan in automobile turbocharger and remanufacturing projects and settled in Yongqiao Street, Huishan District. It is understood that the project will occupy an area of ​​50 mu and will become the first turbocharger remanufacturing demonstration plant in China after completion.

Yijiejie Group is a multinational company specializing in R&D and production of turbochargers. It has more than 1,000 customers in 103 countries around the world. According to reports, the company will rely on its own intellectual property rights and brand advantages to target the emerging automotive remanufacturing sector. It will establish a production base, R&D center and logistics center in Handan Bridge, and will drive related supporting enterprises in Huishan District and surrounding areas to form a car zero. Component remanufacturing industry cluster.

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