How to operate when a precession vortex meter fails

As the main instrument for gas flow measurement, precession vortex flowmeters have been widely used in gas field production. The following is a brief description of the solution to the failure of the precession swirl meter.

First, no instantaneous flow 1. Check the flow meter lower cutoff frequency is too high. Press the Set button for the first time. The screen displays “LF———□□□”. The corresponding value in the box is the lower cutoff frequency; the lower limit cutoff frequency is changed to a value greater than 1.

2. Measure the flowmeter preamplifier voltage, if ≤ 2.0V (should be around 2.5V), first check whether the battery voltage is ≤ 2.9V, if less than the need to replace the new battery. If the battery is fully charged, it is a power supply circuit problem for the motherboard. Replace the preamplifier.

3. When the preamplifier voltage is normal, measure whether the preamplifier has a frequency output. If there is a problem with the main board, repair it by a professional. If there is no frequency output, replace the preamplifier.

4. When the preamplifier voltage and the lower cutoff frequency are all normal, check whether the flowmeter vortex generator and the preamplifier probe are clogged or attached with oil.

5. Check if the hourly flow of the measured media is within the range of the flowmeter.

Second, the temperature value does not match the actual value of the site The core component of the temperature sensor is Pt100 platinum resistance. When the deviation between the displayed value and the actual value is large, the resistance wire is aging and the temperature sensor should be replaced.

Third, the pressure value does not match the actual value of the scene 1. When the flowmeter shows that the atmospheric pressure is not accurate, the LUX type is to adjust the potentiometer at the display module, and the LUY type is to adjust the potentiometer in the lower left and right temperature circuit of the mainboard (only 1). The potentiometer rotates clockwise to decrease the pressure display.

2. When the LUX type precession vortex flowmeter pressure display "80", "upper limit pressure" and the actual pressure deviation is very large, open the back cover of the flowmeter, measure the five output lines of the pressure sensor, in which the black line to the red line, blue line The resistance between them should be basically the same, all about 3.0kΩ, and the resistance between black and yellow and white is about 7.0kΩ. When the resistance between the black line and the remaining 4 lines is not equal or the resistance of either line is in the order of megohms, it indicates that the circuit bridge is not balanced and the pressure sensor is broken and needs to be replaced.

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