The lighting industry seeks to break through the "Internet +" transformation

Xinlianli Crystal Products Lighting Factory has saved more than 400,000 yuan in store rents in the first seven months of this year. Originally, General Manager Zhu Riqing withdrew more than 800 square meters of stores last year under the predicament of decreasing customers. Transferred to the network, not only saved the rent, but also exchanged good sales. The reporter recently learned that in recent years, the lighting enterprises have encountered the development bottleneck of customers being intercepted on the Internet, the market is deserted, orders are falling, and rents are high. The traditional factory + store + franchise business model is no longer able to To meet the market development needs, a number of Internet + e-commerce platforms focusing on lighting products continue to emerge, and the lighting industry has accelerated the trend of Internet + seeking business models to break through. Guzhen lighting companies use the Internet to open up the market. The picture shows Huayi Plaza ▲ Xie Xiangming, general manager of Light Buying Network ▲ Chen Shanjing, General Manager of Light Lantern Network ▲ Light purchase network to build a platform, service lighting enterprises. Suggestions Using the Internet + to create a system of integrity In the process of visiting enterprises and e-commerce platforms, operators have repeatedly mentioned the integrity of the lighting industry. Chen Shanjing, general manager of Lantern Network, said that in recent years, the logistics running events in Guzhen have caused some adverse effects on the operating environment of Guzhen. In Chen Shanjing's view, the logistics running event is a product of the traditional business model. The dealer is not willing to directly send the payment to the manufacturer before receiving the product, and the manufacturer is not willing to send the product easily before receiving the payment. Da, so there is a phenomenon that the middle party who is not responsible for the logistics party collects money. Chen Shanjing said that the Lantern Network has developed and set up a third-party transaction guarantee platform to prevent the phenomenon of running roads and strengthen the reputation of the lamps. After the purchaser forms a transaction with one-click order, the purchaser pays to the light network platform. When the purchaser clicks to confirm the receipt, the account will automatically transfer the money, the light network does not participate in the product operation, and the funds are closed. The Lights Network acts as a consignment platform and a transaction guarantee, acting as a third-party supervisor. Xie Xiangming, general manager of Light Buying Network, also believes that the development of e-commerce platform should promote the integrity of business. For example, in addition to third-party guarantees, they plan to let small and medium-sized enterprises alliance to jointly design industry supply standards, and through benchmarking companies to drive everyone to abide by, change the buyer's blind price, the seller to reduce the quality of low-cost orders. The status quo, the enterprise uses the Internet + to break the traditional mode ● The renting operation is poor. The enterprise explores the factory + e-commerce model. Xinlianli Crystal Products Lighting Factory is a lighting enterprise that has been operating for many years in Guzhen, mainly producing table lamps, with a large export ratio; In the past few years, with the decline of foreign trade orders, enterprises began to switch to domestic sales, so set up more than 800 square meters of exhibition halls in the ancient town, becoming the main venue for the selection and ordering of merchants. The monthly rent of the exhibition hall is as high as 60,000 yuan, which has not yet calculated the cost of the renovation. General Manager Zhu Riqing said that when the business environment was good in the past few years, such high rents could be exchanged for orders, and last year, fewer and fewer customers came to the door. Zhu Riqing learned that the merchants who came to the ancient town to see the lights and dialed one-to-one were transferred to the e-commerce platform. After careful consideration, he thought that it would be difficult to support the market without withdrawing the market. So the physical store became a self-operated online store on the light network. At present, after nearly one year of cultivation, it has basically realized the development from the traditional mode of factory + store + franchise store to the Internet + factory mode. Another ancient town lighting company, the Emperor Flange lighting, is known for producing marble lamps. It has two legs to walk inside and outside, and the export sales account for about 30%, while more than 100 domestic stores sell all over the country. In the past two years, Flange Lighting has encountered the same development difficulties, especially the foreign trade orders have dropped sharply. On the way of transformation and upgrading, in addition to using the online shopping mall developed by itself, Chairman Wang Yinshan said that he is also considering two or three lighting fixtures. The industry's influential e-commerce platform attracts more passengers. ● Novices do not have a store, relying directly on Internet sales If Internet + is a marketing model innovation, then the development and design of alternative products is product innovation. In the case of some enterprises facing operational difficulties, there are still many entrepreneurs who choose the lighting industry. If they still follow the traditional model, it is tantamount to knowing that there are tigers in the mountains and tigers. Therefore, these enterprises have used the Internet to develop from the very beginning. Market and reduce the cost of physical stores. In 2010, Xiancheng entered the lighting industry to start a business. He first registered Shenzhen Yixuan Lighting & Lighting Co., Ltd., and the production address of the product was actually Guzhen. Before the start-up, I also immersed in the lighting industry for a few years in the ancient town lighting industry, and I quite understand the market. I recognized the e-commerce platform when I started my business. In the case of fierce competition in traditional products, the company has taken the lead and chose the original eco-lights based on bamboo and rattan as the main products. Bamboo lamps and rattan lamps are all small products. Many consumers don't understand it. They worry about breaking down in a few months and rarely choose it. But these products are popular with some theme restaurants at home and abroad. Through the e-commerce platform, he walked on both legs inside and outside, and the products were not sold to all parts of the country, but also sold to Europe and the United States. Although the business is spread all over the world, he does not have franchisees or physical exhibition halls. The products are directly displayed in the form of pictures on the network platform from the factory. At present, Taobao, Jingdong, Baidu, 360 and other platforms have business volume.

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