Japanese researchers have developed self-repairable glass

Breaking/breaking of the display screen of a smartphone may be one of the most common problems, although smart phone manufacturers have been trying to make up for it by using a sturdy, non-breakable glass. However, although they tried many ways, there are still cracks, but researchers in Japan may change in the future.
A truly self-healing glass was developed by Professor Takuzo Aida of the Japanese University and his team. The concept of glass treatment itself is not entirely new, but this development sounds like there is a certain commitment. The substance that is created is called "polyether thiourea" and it has the hardness of glass, except that when pressure is applied, it will "heal" and will again be like new.

So far, we have seen in the healing materials that, in most cases, they can only cure surface scratches, which means something deeper, and there is no way. From this “polyether thiourea” we can see that it looks like a completely broken piece, so if your screen breaks into pieces, pressing it together will put it back.
This discovery occurred when researchers tried to develop a new type of adhesive. This means that we are not sure whether there are plans to commercialize this material, but so far it looks promising and has some potential applications.

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