Box Type Industrial Water Cooled Screw Chiller for Injection Molding Industry

  • Model NO.: KDE-50LW
  • Cooling Method: Water-cooled
  • Selected Voltage: 380V/50HZ
  • Noise Level: Low
  • Certification: ISO, CE
  • Cooling Capacity: 170538kcal/H
  • Condenser: Shell and Tube
  • Application: Plastic Field, Chemical, Medicine, etc
  • Transport Package: Wooden Case
  • Origin: China
  • Type: Water-Cooled
  • Unit Structure: Integral
  • Compressor Number: 1
  • Application Fields: Plastic
  • Condition: Used
  • Compressor: Screw Semi-Hermetic
  • Refrigerant: R22, R407, R134A Can Be Supplied on Request
  • Trademark: JECICOOL
  • Specification: 2130*855*1540mm
  • HS Code:
50tons industrial water screw chiller with hanbell compressor, Water cooling screw water chillers
Product Description:
Water-Semi-hermetic industrial chiller using advanced production technology, superior quality, compact structure, beautiful appearance. The products can be widely used in plastics, electroplating, electronics manufacturing, pharmaceutical chemicals, food processing, refrigeration and other industrial establishments and guesthouses, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings and other types of civil air-conditioning system.

Unit Features:

1. Using imported international brands BITZER Germany (Bitzer), HANBELL China Taiwan energy efficient compressor matches the quality of the condenser and evaporator, high efficiency, stable performance, low noise, long service life. Industrial PLC central control unit, the energy transfer system with the compressor can be timely and accurate control unit cooling capacity and cooling load matching, to ensure optimal efficiency in order to run the unit, lower operating costs;
2. Within the integrated water; Low temperature, high pressure, freezing, phase, delay start, reverse, overload, motor overheating, oil pressure, and poor treatment a number of security features;
3. English user interface, menu prompts, can be set unit operating status, household appliances of the operating environment;
4. Volume control can be four sections(100%-75%-50%-25%) or three-step (100%-66%-33%) and non-stage control systems;
5. A unique built-in hydraulic system, no pumps are guaranteed to maintain the best lubricating effect of the compressor, oil separator with double filtration, oil filtering effect of good, can play a maximum capacity of heat exchangers;
6. Efficient thread copper tube to enhance heat transfer effects, more energy efficient. Using the latest CAD/CAM design and processing technology CNC machining center produced, compact structure, small volume, durable. U-beam structure of the tubes can be cleaned out within the overall scale, easy maintenance, to prevent refrigerant leakage phenomenon;
7. Use all imports of the corrugates steel pipe and hyperbolic hydrophilic aluminum foil, high-speed drilling, and other professional equipment manufacturers, is more closely exposed pipe and fin, heat transfer more efficient, with a small size, light weight, the advantages of more compact and reasonable;

Application of the water chiller:

JECICOOL brand industrial chiller are the perfect solution for any application, in particular for the plastic field, such as: Injection molding, extrusion(sheet & profile), blow molding, thermoforming, PET, plastic film, and other industrial field: Electroplating (surface treatment), medicine, chemical, hydraulic system, leaser, shoe-making, electronic, print, etc.

Technical Parameters:
Parameters Model KDE-40LW KDE-50LW KDE-60LW KDE-75LW KDE-85LW KDE-100LW
Nominal Cooling Capacity Kw/50Hz 158.3 198.3 238.6 298.3 338.3 401.2
Kw/60Hz 182 228 274.4 343 389 461.4
USRT/50Hz 45 56.4 67.9 84.8 96.2 114.1
USRT/60Hz 51.8 64.9 78 97.6 110.6 131.2
Kcal/h/50Hz 136138 170538 205196 256538 290938 345032
Kcal/h/60Hz 156520 196080 235984 294980 334540 396804
Input Power KW 30.9 37.9 43.9 56.8 65 74
Rate Current A 53.8 65 79.6 95.5 106.8 123.5
Max Start-up Current A 102.6 132.8 143.5 186.3 213.5 263.2
Power 3PH 380V 50Hz(200V/220V/415V/460V50Hz/60Hz)
Refrigerant Type R22  (R134a/R407c)
Control Method  External-balanced Thermostatic Expansion Valve
Compressor Type Semi-Hermetic Screw Type
Start-up Mode Y-â–³
Capacity Control 0-25%-50%75%-100% stepless adjustment or 0-33%-66%-100%stepless adjustment
Power KW 30.9 37.9 43.9 56.8 65 74
Condenser Type Shell and Tube
Cooling Water Flow m³/h  50Hz 32.6 41.1 48.7 61.4 69.6 82.3
m³/h  60Hz 36.7 45.8 55.1 69.1 78.3 92.7
 Water Pressure Drop  kpa 48 47 48 52 56 57
Inlet/Outlet Pipe Dia. Inch 3" 3" 3" 3" 4" 4"
Evaporator Type Shell and Tube
Chilled Water Flow m³/h  50Hz 27.3 34.2 41.1 51.4 58.3 69.2
m³/h  60Hz 31.4 39.3 47.3 59.1 67.1 79.5
Water Pressure Drop  kpa 48 47 48 52 56 57
Inlet/Outlet Pipe Dia. Inch 3" 3" 3" 3" 4" 4"
Safety Protection Compressor over heating protection, over load protection, High/low voltage protection, flow switch protection, reversed and lacking phase protection, anti-freezing protection, fusible plug
Dimension Length mm 1960 2130 2450 2450 2750 2750
Width mm 855 855 985 985 1050 1050
Height mm 1540 1540 1600 1600 1600 1600
Weight Net Weight KG 820 950 1120 1300 1560 1720
Running Weight KG 970 1030 1270 1480 1780 1960
Note 1. The above red  font parameters for special voltage model need to special order; Cooling capacity of R407C unit will be 5% lower than R22 unit
2. Nominal cooling capacity calculated according to: inlet/outlet chilled fluid temperature: 17ºC/12ºC; inlet/outlet cooling water temperature: 30ºC/35ºC
3. Working condition: The temperature range of chilled fluid is from 5ºC to 35ºC; temperature difference between inlet and outlet chilled fluid is from 3ºC to 8ºC.
4. The temperature range of cooling water is from 18ºC to 37ºC; temperature difference between inlet and outlet cooling water is from 3.5ºC to 10ºC.
5. The power distribution and wiring of the installation shall be based on the nameplate or installation instructions of the unit.  We reserve the rihgt to modify the above information whithout prior notice
Work Principle

Box Type Industrial Water Cooled Screw Chiller for Injection Molding Industry

Package & Shipping

Use standard export plywood case with forklift truck feet, easy to load and unload
20 working days to finish the production after receiving the deposit
Shipping by LCL or FCL

Box Type Industrial Water Cooled Screw Chiller for Injection Molding Industry

After-sales service:

A. 12 months quality warranty since the date of delivery.
B. All extra parts for the machine can be purchased with agent price from COOLDERE.
C. 24 hours working phone call: +8613829879662, Email/ Skype/Trade manager online to support.
D. Professional technical team and sales person give you regarding troubleshooting procedures via Internet and Phone any time when needed.
E. Free and Professional Training at our Factory under the relaxed condition.

Necessary info to Quote

COOLDERE company have one special engineer team for design, they can make the special solution according to your working need, such as customize cooling capacity, special material for ship use, seawater, corrosive, food industry, juice and wine process and etc. Just tell us: 
A. What's your water composition? or industry
B. What's your temperature range?
C. What's your chilled water flow need?
D. What's the working ambient?
E. What voltage do you need?
1. Differing Refrigerants: R22, R407, R134a can be supplied on request
2. Special voltages: 115V 220V~240V 50 Hz or 60Hz (Single and Three Phase) are available then we can choose the right chiller for you.

Factory View:

Box Type Industrial Water Cooled Screw Chiller for Injection Molding Industry
Box Type Industrial Water Cooled Screw Chiller for Injection Molding Industry

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