China's special vehicle modification industry will become a highlight of national economic growth

As early as the country’s planned economic system, China’s special vehicle refitting industry had already taken off. At that time, the industry was just to meet the needs of social and economic development, and commercial vehicles were converted to special vehicles with a specific purpose. With the gradual popularization of special-purpose vehicles and the entry of cars into families, the refitting industry in China will also expand to the entire special-purpose vehicle field.

Expert Qin Guo pointed out that the special vehicle modification industry is an extension of the special vehicle industry chain, and its development is closely related to the country’s industrial technology, economic and cultural level, and the amount of dedicated vehicles. When the large-scale production of the special-purpose vehicle industry reaches a certain scale, people’s demand and understanding of the car is no longer a means of production or a means of transportation, the demand for modification will appear in large numbers and will continue to deepen.

The rise of special-purpose vehicles in China is accompanied by the influence of special car modification culture in the ports of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan on the one hand, and on the other hand, the introduction of international special-purpose vehicles and the development of domestic special-purpose vehicles. For the conversion, it has formed a certain mass base. However, due to the late arrival of special vehicles in China, the refitting industry is still in its infancy. People's general understanding of special vehicle modification is also limited to the luxury or avant-garde demand that belongs to only a small group of people, which makes China's remodeling industry still relatively marginal. What is gratifying is that since 2006, the surge in private car ownership has prompted the remodeling industry to receive increasing attention. In addition to the increasing number of domestic enterprises entering the conversion industry, some foreign special vehicle modification technology and supplies providers are generally optimistic about the future of China. The market prospects have come in one after another.

The function of policies and regulations is to support and regulate the development of the industry

Due to the relevant policies and regulations in China, the market for special vehicle modification has not been fully liberalized, and at the same time, it lacks detailed standards. Therefore, the domestic special-purpose car modification industry has “half-ground color, and its legitimacy has been questioned by the society. Therefore, it was proposed that the special-purpose vehicle modification is different from the ordinary service industry. It involves business management, traffic management, vehicle management, and standard management. Many problems such as insurance, environmental protection, and quality supervision can only be ensured and promoted by the development of the special vehicle refitting industry.

To this Qin Guo said: “This view is somewhat lopsided, and the function of policies and regulations is to support the development of the industry, rather than limit it. If the market foundation is not solid enough, the fundamental issue has not been resolved, even if the relevant policies and regulations are issued, it is very Difficult to play its due role, 'market first, regulatory follow-up' is the correct path for development.

On October 1, last year, the new version of the "Regulations on Registration of Motor Vehicles" was formally implemented, which stipulated that vehicle owners could change the color, body, and engine of the vehicle before registering. Since the introduction of this policy, it has caused widespread discussion in the industry. Some people think that this is a sign that the country has initially liberalized the special-purpose vehicle refitting industry. Some people complained that the degree of release was too small. Qin Guo believes that this policy embodies the positive attitude of the people-oriented and market-oriented government functional departments. It requires more self-discipline of the enterprises to maintain the healthy development of the industry, and at the same time gives the consumers the right guidance and makes it suitable for modification. Cognition is improved. In addition, the policy also has a certain test effect, and the government hopes to listen to the market. Conversely, if the positive effect is greater than the negative effect, it will promote the sound development of the special-purpose vehicle refitting industry. The government may consider giving the remodeling industry a more relaxed development environment.

Understanding deviations restricts development

“Some people equate the conversion culture with the street culture, and think that the modification was for the purpose of driving some cars. The media modified the bizarre, fancy car as a gimmick to attract eyeballs and click-through rate, which made ordinary people deter from conversion. Qin Guo believes that Compared with the lack of laws and standards, the development of the special vehicle modification industry in China requires a change in people’s understanding. Due to the one-sided influence of cultural works such as movies and comics, the current domestic people, and even some mainstream media, have realized the modification. There are certain misunderstandings that limit the healthy development of the remodeling industry and form two types of more extreme consumer demand.

Some special car enthusiasts or high-income people are more demanding on the functionality and quality of special vehicles. They hold “nothing is better, only better goals, so that they dare to invest in this area and even spend big sums of money.” The emphasis on decorative low-end refitting has also become increasingly popular in the past two years. However, because consumers have less awareness of retrofitting and the level of consumption is not high, many people choose to modify or decorate in informal channels. For future use, it left security risks.Qin Guo believes that the polarization of demand for modification reflects that there are still irrational factors in China's special-purpose vehicle modification industry. When people's awareness of special vehicles becomes more mature, the demand will also be attributed to rationality. .

With the increasing attention of government management departments, and the introduction of relevant policies and regulations to correctly guide the market and effectively regulate, and consumers in-depth understanding of special vehicle conversion, China's special vehicle conversion industry will be healthy and reasonable under the premise of In order to develop, it has become a bright spot for the growth of the national economy.

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