Heavy-duty low-speed diesel engine with international advanced level is delivered in Dalian Shipyard

On July 31, the 7L70MC-C MK8 diesel engine with international advanced level was delivered to the Dalian Marine Diesel Engine Factory, marking a new breakthrough in the manufacture of heavy-duty low-speed diesel engines. The main engine will be installed on the 2750TEU container ship built by Zhejiang Yang Sailing Factory for MSA of Germany. This is the first of the four identical machines built by Dalian Shipai.

Previously, the highest level of the 7L70MC-C mainframe was MK7. The first 7L70MC-C MK8 mainframe has the same dimensions as the MK7. The production process has not changed greatly, but the technical indicators have been improved. The average effective pressure has been increased from 19bar to 20bar, and the burst pressure has been increased by 151bar. By 161bar, the power has increased from 29,600 horsepower to 31,130 horsepower. In particular, the power is increased by 5%, which makes the main engine more economical and more cost-effective. It has a stronger competitive advantage as a host ship of the same class.

In order to continuously meet the increasing demand of ship owners and shipyards for the type and performance of the main engine, Dalian Shipai, which aims to manufacture quality mainframes and provide reliable power, accelerates the pace of technological transformation in accordance with the deployment requirements of CSIC. To lay the hardware foundation for the company's leap-forward development; on the other hand, continuously promote technological innovation and product development, strengthen technical reserves, production management, and comprehensively improve the staff's quality, installation and debugging capabilities. The plant closely follows the new development of the world's shipping industry to select high-power low-speed mainframes, and has done a lot of work in technical preparation, process measures, process control, supporting organizations, etc. According to market demand, rapid response, host orders come from.

In recent years, Dalian Shipai has been aiming at the most advanced level of the world's machine building, and has continuously introduced new models and new products, and achieved remarkable results. Last year, the plant used modern advanced electronic technology, computer technology and traditional mechanical power technology to build the world's first 7RTflex58T-B electronically controlled common rail marine main engine and 7RTflex50T-B electronically controlled common rail mainframe, enabling the plant to realize the ship. A crucial step on the road to fully intelligent engines.

At present, Dalian Shipai has more than 20 orders for electronically controlled common rail mainframes. It is the manufacturer with the most orders for intelligent mainframes in China.

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