CSIC Ship Design Center has achieved remarkable results in ship development

Since its establishment, CSIC Ship Design and Research Center has conducted in-depth market research, combined with the shipyard's actual and product positioning, and actively carried out new ship type development work, and achieved remarkable results. In 2004, the Ship Design Center and the former Dalian Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. jointly developed a 76,000-ton oil product ship. The company has successively received eight orders for this type of ship. In 2005, the Ship Design Center completed the development of six new ship types and the design and contract design of the Type 6 ship. Among them, the 111,000-ton and 17,000-ton multi-purpose cargo ships developed for Tianjin Xingang Shipyard received 8 orders. The 1300TEU container ship developed by Shanhaiguan Shipyard received 3 orders. Recently, the Ship Design Center assisted Shanhaiguan Shipyard in signing a contract for the construction of four 30,000-ton Dahu-type bulk carriers.

In the ship type development work, the ship design center insisted on the interests of the shipyard, and was recognized by the shipyard with advanced design level, effective cost control and proactive on-site service. The Ship Design Center and Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd. jointly developed a 76,000-ton product oil tanker, which not only made the ship's load capacity, cabin capacity, speed and other technical and performance indicators reach the international advanced level, but also selected the hull structure and equipment. The layout and layout have been optimized to make this type of ship a standard ship type for the Dalian Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Panamax product tanker.

At present, the Ship Design Center has basically completed the design review of the 118,000-ton multi-purpose cargo ship developed for the Xingang Shipyard. The project not only achieves the world's advanced technical indicators, but also optimizes the hull structure design, reduces sheet thickness and component size, and saves steel consumption; reduces system cost by optimizing system design; through optimized layout and equipment selection, Reduced procurement costs, affirmed by the shipyard.

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